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Cristie, time to put those dirtbag teachers into the rubber room, they've been very disruptive and need disipline!

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My brother was SF and they found a chemical weapons cache but were ordered to forget they ever saw it!

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Still my point remains, Chi-coms are just as dangerous as the NKs and anyone crazy enough to be in either country is a fool. Just like the trio caught by Iran, what the hell is someone doing hiking near a country like that? The beautiful mountain views? Those crazy kids!! Actions have consequences and if someone isn't willing to consider those consequences and the outcomes then they shouldn't be near there. They may pay dearly for their stupidity! That's like going hiking to a Mexican border town and saying "I didn't know about the murders, abductions and drug war!"

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Dear leader and Bill probably discussed the true meaning of the word "is" and which cigars work the best in the oval office! The work of release was done, all Bill did was provide go-for transportation and legitimacy to a dictator!

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Question #1-Where along the heavily protrolled and mined DMZ did those two innocent reporters stray? Think about it, the DMZ is one of the most contested pieces of real estate over there and they simply wandered over and got caught? BULL! Question#2-Why can't those important top level government officials be issued a couple C-130s or C-117s for transportation, or just book them on any transport flight that is heading the direction they are? If those kinds of transportation accomodations are good enough for our troops then it's good enough for congress!! Cheaper by far to!

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IMPEACH-IMPEACH-IMPEACH-IMPEACH all of the traitors and cowards that we foolishly put in office. They think they know what's right for us but they forget that we employ them not the reverse!! By making laws that completely go against everything the Constsitution represents they prove themselves self-serving scum not deserving the office they have dirtied and abused!!! Do it before it's to late!! Logan's run, 1984, Soylent Green and V are about to come TRUE!

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Anybody else suspect this health care plan as a way for the elite in Washington to cull the masses? If you can reduce the thinking people, the elderly with wisdom and those children with problems like MD then you can end up with a manageable group of automatons. Reminds me of Star Trek's BORG, "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!" Pelosi kind of looks like a BORG! I still say that to run for public office you can't have been an attorney! The laws and regulations they have created are nothing but a tangled mass of vines and stickers that no one understands, even those who write them!! Lawyers have a special place reserved for them later and it doesn't have AC!

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I think that since Michele Obama is now proud of the United States she should lead the way for all and volunteer herself for scientific research, don't you???

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One of the most common sense intelligent individuals living in America today, A TRUE PATRIOT! Ted,I read your book and found it to be fantastic! The manafesto should be required reading in schools!!

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I say ask each and every one of the politicians in Washington including BO to give up their current insurance coverage and sign up to accept the coverage that is provided to the True Americans, the Indians, on the reservations. Let them see what kind of health care the government really provides when they run things they have no business sticking their nose into!! No one really jumps on the bandwagon to raise hell about one of the biggest problems for the high cost of health care! Attorneys!! Now I know that there are some Physicians out there that deserve lawsuits for stupidlty but I have seen so many totally ridiculous suits against truly worthy Docs it's absurd! Check out the costs for malpractice insurance for Docs and think about it! Then check out what attorneys charge for their blood sucking jobs!