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Given the total incompetence of the UK's Brexit negotiators it should
be no surprise to learn that the £38 billion is already contractually committed
as Ms Braverman confirmed earlier this year.

The Arch Europhile UK Civil Service are immensely apologetic to their
beloved Eurocrats for the Referendum result - and presumably consider
this payment a small mark of respectful compensation.

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Interesting that our "friends" in the EU particularly Juncker and Tusk take
full credit for the £14 billion of UK Taxpayer Funded Aid at the many
International Aid Conferences that the Aid Industry love to organise
and the Eurocrats love to attend.

The EU then present UK Aid as the benign gift of the Eurocrats and are regularly
applauded for "their" generosity.

The UK currently provides more Aid than France and Italy combined - both
of whom have recently reduced their Aid spending, presumably in the knowledge
that the UK is filling the gap.

The idea that this huge waste of Taxpayers money enhances the UK's "soft power"
is truly risible.

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Yes - the retired MI6 boss trying to discredit Corbyn at the weekend has the same
opposite effect - making Corbyn an anti establisment figure and more attractive to

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Rather than a PR campaign surely the way to win against Corbyn is to
develop some of the positive Conservative policies which were completely
absent from Conference.

Instead all we have is general statements to end austerity while it is freely
admitted that the Government's austerity has at least another three years to run.

The Tory Party waits in vain for exciting, voter friendly Hammond budget - whereas
in practice all that will be offered is a few crumbs on the fuel duty freeze. and
no doubt some additional taxes which the Chancellor will blame on Brexit.

Another open goal for the Corbynistas.

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Boles and Syms' article announces what we all suspected -
that May has abandoned any attempt to leave the rules
and regulations of the EU.

The Government's strategy now is to further discredit the Brexit
zealots - particularly Gove and Johnson - through the very timely
leaking to the BBC of the Electoral Commission's damning
condemnation of the Vote Leave campaign.

How long can Johnson, Gove and Fox remain in a Cabinet
now openly intent on remaining for all practical purposes in the EU ?

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Ms Morgan's search for a Tory Party message is very similar to
John Major's in the dying days of 1997 when the Party was similarly
openly split on Europe - the brilliant " Back to Basics"

There clearly now needs to be more than just saving the World from Plastic
and offering free English lessons - but under Mrs May's very weak
leadership it appears that Corbyn is continuing to seize the opportunity
to offer hope and conviction policies, parrticularly to younger voters.

The Tory Party appears now to be rather lost in it own
introspection and lacking leadership - and as Ms Morgan suggests, with no clear
policies - like John Major in 97 heading for comprehensive defeat.

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70% of students will never have to
repay any of their debt so it is quite good value - just another cost for the taxpayer.

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As Sir Anthony points out the University sector is a closed cartel run
by academics for academics whose main aim is the inflation of pay,
pensions and benefits where they consider themselves hugely underpaid.

Jo Johnson University Minister appears to turn a bind eye to this huge salary inflation
and it has been left to Lord Adonis to raise the scandal of the hugely overpaid
Vice Chancellors who he describes as "driven by greed"

Just why Mr Johnson is failing to take any action is a mystery as it will soon be
the taxpayer paying the price for this profligacy - around 75% of Student Debt which
goes to pay these "greedy" academics is likely to be written off to the taxpayer - totalling
some £75 billion and rising.

Students are just a tiresome irrelevance for today's academia.

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And a budget of over 5 billion euros

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The EU's approach has always been to force a Second Referendum when
the electorate vote against their wishes.

And it will be no different on this occasion - by proposing unacceptable terms
they will force May's Government to be defeated and help to bring Corbyn
and his cronies in to power who will do their bidding.

Barnier said yesterday at a Conference of the European Elite in Italy :
"The UK electorate must be taught a lesson as to what leaving the EU
will cost them"