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+1 ... I'd love to see this as well!

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Wow, that is awesome. Please show us pictures of the nose-splint that you are undoubtedly wearing.

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Paying to get yourself into the sponsored trending topic position is genius.

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Graig is in trouble, that's all I'm saying.

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The second one has definitely been helpful to me in the past when learning languages, as well. When first learning Greek, for instance, it was really easy to simply memorize the translation of Greek words into English without ever trying to recall the Greek translation of English words (particularly in that there are very few times that you'd ever need to translate something from English into a dead language, so it's not totally a necessary skill). I realized that by translating back from English into Greek, I was much more apt to recall the information at a much later time because, as you said, it became working knowledge rather than a cheap fact.

I wonder which is easier, memorizing long lists of facts (i.e., vocabulary) or a long passage (like Scripture). Interesting...

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IE9?! Shoot, I'm still using IE6!

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It was nice working with Dan at Crunchbase. The Arrington/Calacanis jabs continue!

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I think the key to this whole thing may be the auto-import via RSS feature. If I'm a content producer, I'm going to want to set that up so that all my content will go to my followers and potentially be shared on a larger scale. For about 5 minutes of work, there's potential that any one of my future articles could be shared on a massive scale. It's hard to beat that. My question is, will that sort of feature cause Digg to be polluted with spammy 1-digg stories that are added automatically?

Also, if I only want to follow 3 people, will more of the "Top News" be added to my stream? I'd hate to see 1 story a week on my stream because my friends are inactive and I don't want to follow anyone else. I'm just trying to think of all the angles of how this will work. Looks great, though!

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Yeah, I'm a big fan of Handbrake. (For the record, I have only ever used it for legal activities. Just want to be clear. ;-))

I've never used Appzapper, but I hear it's good. I think it's probably a good idea to invest in it, though.

Thanks for the links!