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Why write this article? Who cares if it's real or not?

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Holy snap pops!

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I'm going to have to disagree with just about everything you wrote. It wasn't Cameron's idea to re-release Avatar. It was the studio's. Also, I agree with him. He's trying to make modern 3d a legitimate cinema revolution. Piranha 3D is using it as a gimmick for laughs. Toy Story 3's 3d was so masterfully crafted that it felt subtle and smooth, so it was not a "joke". When you are able to watch a movie in 3d and you stop noticing it. That's when it's really good. Because it's not doing something gimmicky and it's not straining your eyes. It's supposed to act as another layer of immersion into the film world. Of course ticket prices are gonna be higher, It's because 3D isn't the industry standard for film releases. When sound first came out the theaters charged more money knowing full well that people would pay more for it. The same thing is happening with modern 3D (which is still in it's infancy) With the advent of glasses-free 3D technology approaching, it's only a matter of time before we can enjoy glasses free 3D entertainment and take it for granted like we do with Sound now-a-days. Cameron makes a great point. We need movies that are released to hit the theaters that take 3D seriously and treat it with respect (not Piranha or Resident Evil, but movies like Tron and Avatar) Cameron ripped on Clash of the Titans for post-converting because he knows that movies like those will leave a bad taste in the audiences mouth and may end up tarnishing the public opinion of modern 3D. I think that until Hollywood gets its shit together and starts treating the technology with respect/ without cutting corners, the technology won't be able to truly evolve into what it has potential to become. That's why I think this article is wrong.

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I think Sam Raimi would be an awesome director for a ghost busters movie, but I'm cool with Ivan doing it again, it is his series after all. I just hope its better than GB2. Not a bad movie, but not great either. If its better than 2 I'll be content. I have faith in the writers and the crew thus far.

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Muse scoring this movie would be a dream come true.

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Why is he an idiot? I don't see any valid evidence for your argument. Is it because he gave a bad movie a bad review?

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What's your rating out of five?

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Good list, I wouldn't have put Legion on there though. It doesn't look that good, Plus, Scott Pilgrim should be up in the top three. It will be the surprise hit of 2010, no doubt about it.

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This is actually really helpful, thanks buddy! :D

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This is crazy. It seems the Academy is great at flubbing the best score category every year.