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Iya! It was FIVE years ago boo.... :) But thank you muchly for your kind words. Peace, Love, Light, Blessings and Good Things!

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Hi Anders,

Part of why I wrote this post, way back more than five years ago... was because first I wanted a permanent record somewhere of my experiences... detailed and as precise as I could make it, and second because I didn't want anyone else to experience this.

You're right... people should pay attention to other people's experiences. Hopefully this post has helped other people to AVOID that FLAKE!

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I think they do understand, they just don't care. The way the Chilean government has treated the Malpuche for generation upon generation is answer enough. You must understand that the controlling government of Chile is not made up of people of indigenous descent. They are the criollos descendents of the Spanish conquistadores. They don't give a tin shit about the Rapa Nui, the Malpuche or any of the indigenous in Chile... but the give the veneer of it for the press. It will take overwhelming public opinion to sway them.

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I love this... thanks for posting. Making me feel for pumpkin now too.