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1000000000000000% agree.

There are books before this one that I enjoy, mainly the Witches books we've read, but I. Freaking. Love. Reaper. Man.

It's just.......ugh, it's just so GOOD.

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Instead of Yarrun Firetamer learning his magics from his father, his father writes the magic into his back and that's why he's so furious at Daja for doing the fire magic instinctively.

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Adding Battle Magic spoilers bc why not

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Honestly, I really prefer that the Rosethorn scene is offpage. I mean, yes, OBVIOUSLY it would be the height of awesome to see Rosethorn be wrapped in righteous fury like a torch etc etc...

...but in reality, I don't think she really went in and ate him alive. Rosethorn may be prickly and demanding, but she's also a professional. She's a great mage and an authority, but she's also a religious dedicate.

I bet the conversation was really more along the lines of her (firmly and unbrookingly) (yes i made that word up I dont' care) informing Jebilu that yes, there is a Winding Circle/Lightsbridge official here, do your duty. But she wouldn't actually be insulting and rude to him unless he, like, attacked her.

It's one of those things I've learned as I grew up and became a professional myself; yeah, it might feel really good to treat adults like children when you're right and they're wrong, but it unfailingly makes the situation worse.

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At a certain point, you have to decide whether you're criticizing fat people being stereotyped, or villainous characters being fat.

The presence of a main character (and a massively beloved one, at that!) who has fatness as a key part of her characterization, and not just as a "oh well we'll make her fat so she isn't a mary sue" does a lot to say the author ISN'T stereotyping.

It's one of the (few) ways I think Doylist analysis trumps Watsonian.

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It is definitely worth mentioning that Tris has, from the very start, been explicitly described as chubby, fat, and overweight.

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Gur rknpg cuenfr hfrq sbe tynff zntvp vf "zvqqyvat ener". Jung'f shaal vf, gung nyjnlf znqr cresrpg frafr gb zr: vg'f enere guna pbzzba nzovrag zntvp, yvxr jrngure zntvp, ohg zber pbzzba guna ener nzovrag zntvp, yvxr qnapr zntvp. Naq Xrgu npgf yvxr gur cuenfr vf whfg pbzcyrgryl bcndhr naq unf ab zrnavat ng nyy. V nyjnlf tbg n ynhtu bhg bs gung.

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OH OH OH I HAD ANOTHER THOUGHT but it's spoilery.

Fb, jr arire frr Ebfrgubea tb hc ntnvafg Mranqvn. Yvxr, V qba'g rira guvax gurl rire zrrg snpr gb snpr. Fur tbrf naq rngf Fgbarfyvpre nyvir, naq Oevne znxrf shaal pbzzragf nobhg ubj fur unfa'g unq n punapr gb ireonyyl rivfprengr fbzrbar va zbaguf naq vg'f terng orpnhfr Ebfrgubea vf gur orfg rgp rgp.

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I mean, he said "we did it once by accident". Pretty clear statement. I guess it could mean like Shmaylor said, they made it work after a lot of trial and error.