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ipman67, since I became aware of the tea parties I have worn a tea bag dangling from small broaches and lapel pins. Invaribly I am asked "what's the tea bag for " and I love explaining. I am amazed at how many still have no knowledge of the tea parties. Gives me a chance to teach and them a chance to learn.

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I have started wearing a lapel pin everywhere I go. Suspended from it is a tea bag. Someone always asks, "What's the tea bag for?" My answer, " I am a proud 9-12er. The tea bag symbolizes my support for the 9-12 Project and the tea parties happening all over our country. ." The usual response, "Oh, what's the 9-12 Project?" I spread the word by answering questions. It's great and no one accuses me of ranting.

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5.WELFARE REFORM. Charity is not a duty for government.
6.TERM LIMITS. No more than two consecutive terms, but allowed to rerun after the lapse of a designated number of terms.
7.EQUALIZE BENEFITS FOR CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS. They should be subject to the same taxation and limitations as “Joe Citizen”. What other employees have better wages and benefits than those who pay their salaries and whoever heard of an employee giving himself a raise? Each state should pay the salary and benefits for those they send to Washington.
8.UPHOLD OUR LAWS. Break the law = pay the penalty. Why should illegals be allowed to break our law by entering our country illegally and then benefit from it at taxpayer expense?
10.PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FUNDING WITH MONETARY LIMITS. This would eliminate unethical campaign funding and prevent positions being “bought” like we have seen at least twice in the past few years. Level the playing field and let the best man win.

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1.UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION. Stop shredding it bit by bit.
2.MAKE ENGLISH THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. Printing all documents in one language would save tax payers millions. If you manage to become an American citizen without learning the language then it should be up to you to acquire an interpreter when necessary.
3.FAIR TAX would eliminate the IRS; eliminate the millions tax payers spend on preparation; our government would save billions currently spent on paper forms and websites; it would stop tax evasion, and eliminate politicians empty campaign promises of tax reductions (have you ever witnessed an election without taxes being an issue)?