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Ron Paul simply SCARES the Statist GOP. The NWO thugs' plans would be derailed if Ron Paul were elected President.

By all that is true in this universe: Give me liberty, or give me death.

The line in the sand has been drawn. Revolution is nigh.

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I've had it. Personally, I'm fed up with my country's decision to not decide that Liberty and our Constitution are worth fighting for.

If Ron Paul is not the GOP candidate, that will be the last straw. Revolution will take place here. And it won't be a Revolution made up of pansy asses in our cities who insist on handouts from those who work for a living.

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Ron Paul is not only a Constitutionalist, he's honest. And if you don't vote for him, then NOTHING will really change. GOP/DNC is the same thing. It's corrupt. The system is corrupt. You know the system is corrupt. Ron Paul is not only qualified to fix our system, he's the only one qualified. Grow some balls and vote for Paul.

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As an avid watcher and listener of your shows, Bill, I am extremely appalled by your continued media blockage and belittling of Ron Paul and his supporters. It is shameful. If not, prove it, Bill. Show and tell your audience exactly what "slamming devices" are being used.

It's a crock and you know it. You are MSM now, Bill. It is shameful.

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Punks is what they are. I strongly sense that a REAL Revolution is just around the corner. It's probably time to trim some branches.

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Thank you.

It is a crying shame that what once was the light of freedom for the world has devolved into a fractionalized nation, and is being bled out by a Socialist as its President.