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Cool! For anyone who shrugs off the value of seeking out natural body care/makeup alternatives, I have them go grab a couple of their products and type 'em into This awesome resource will tell you what's in everything, and list the research associated with the specific ingredients. Once they see words like "neurotoxicity" or "reproductive failure," it kinda hits home. This site also has a numbered rating system, so you can see how risky each product is, and it lets you search by type of product for the optimal brands on the market. Yay, natural!!

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Good topic! The minute we expect our significant other to do stuff just 'cause we want them to, we are inviting disappointment and conflict. Let's stick to the important, necessary stuff (like honesty, respect, and putting the toilet seat down!) and focus on the fact that independence within a relationship is integral to its survival.

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I love it! Full circle redemption. Reminds me of the series of folks arrested in New York City a few years back for feeding random meters.

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I had to take my weiner dog to the ER vet after she ate a pack of xylitol-laden gum out of a friend's purse. I never would have known had I not called my vet tech sister and jokingly asked if gum could kill a dog. Apparently, it can cause severe liver failure and shut down their poor little kidneys. She survived after a tummy flush, thank goodness. After the experience, I stopped buying anything with xylitol in it. Here's a good tip: If your doggie ever eats something questionable, a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide work great for inducing vomiting.

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Tax credit in the g's, I be huggin' mad trees... AWESOME!

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What a wonderful model for commUNITY. I hope others follow suit...

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Children are like little intuitive detectives... NOTHING gets by them! I think we can regard little ones as sponges and mirrors, and remember to take accountability for all we do and say. Step #7 is so important on a physical and subconscious level. Thanks for sharing.

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Such a classic! A friend of mine used to host a Kung Fu/Reggae night at the Snake Pit in Denver many years ago. Clips from Kung Fu Hustle were an evening staple...

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Good for The Kitchen! Organic, healthy habits should start as early as possible. If only my nephew had access to these types of programs, he could have avoided that disdainful chicken nugget addiction... :-)

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Many times I think our feminine optimism (that belief that people are inherently good and worthy of our love) is what keeps us bound to "the wrong ones." Acquiescing to the fact that he is not good enough for us is somewhat tragic, especially in the "asshole" context, because it sucks to care about someone who really is just an illusion. That duality you mention can be so tricky to navigate, and it really does help to reflect on the negative qualities instead of playing the "but" game. (i.e. he's super jealous and possessive, but he makes the most amazing eggplant parmesan...) For me, it always helped to hear others' stories of how they were in that place and somehow managed to acknowledge and move on.