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Shared bandwidth. So, it's the fault of the users and operators have no obligation to upgrade their equipment.

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"he's MY vice president". Pkr now belongs to Azmin Ali. Azmin's way or the highway.

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Looks like this chap has forgotten that dap was voted into office to fix problems. Chinese mudah lupa too.

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Advised her to cover up ? Was she naked or in skimpy dress ? This chief arbiter is merely a pak turut , a coward following the order of an extremist. He should be ashamed of himself.

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There were occasions middle man helped to reduce the cost of IT projects by suggesting changes on standards i.e. from proprietary standards to open standards.

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You must be naive if you think that the right wing Islamists would follow the Constitution. To them, their words are laws. Their actions are Islam and they are God.

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As usual, portray themselves as victims to gain sympathy when they are the ones flexing muscles over the thinking people. Disgusting.

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Apologizing is not enough. The services of the contractor must be terminated. Bigotry should not be tolerated.

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You are wrong. Non Muslims are fighting unfairness and injustice. Isn't fairness and justice for all part of Islamic teachings ? Kerana ego, pas yang dikatakan memperjuangkan keadilan Islam dan perpaduan umat sanggup menegnepikan ajaran Islam. Pas tanpa TGNA, EGO dan Kuasa diutamakan, Islam dibelakangkan

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If Adenan was a man of his word, he should order ALL Sarawak MPs to attend and vote against the bill. Meaningless if abstained.