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Hagar - I sense a strong leaning towards class warfare like what Obama keeps pushing to divide us which does nothing to create a cohesive group all pulling forward.

FIRST - please define wealthy. What is the gross annual income (250K, 500K, 1M?), how much real estate do they own (500K home or 2M), is it the number or cars, boats etc....? In your mind who are these people that you feel are not paying their fair share.

Fact - the wealthy have always done well. Sufficiently wealthy individuals (again not sure where you draw the line on that) have the means to last through down turns (they can afford to sit on their money). When markets or whatever it is they make their money at improve they know how leverage and make more - it's not an evil process. I switch my investments in my retirement plan to "take advantage" of financial changes and I'm middle class. The wealthy do not necessarily make it off the backs of the middle class or poor. Example - If I was an investor type with extra cash on hand I'd just sit on my money until times like these then start buying up property. That is not taking advantage the middle class or poor (nearly 40 % of our population Do Not pay taxes "the poor") And you can't just imply wealthy people are "evil" - we had many middle class folks who were very greedy and tried to work the real estate market a few years ago knowingly bought well beyond their means without considering the market may go soft and have now lost considerably - impacting us all!

The wealthy already pay their fair share in taxes plus some. No one like taxes but when we have 40% or our population with "no skin in the game" therefore system gets abused and we end up with a large population people living on entitlements and wanting more.

I've never had a poor person give me job and I don't know of any middle class person that can maintain their middle class lifestyle and mine too!!

Stop increasing taxes on the wealthy it kills jobs. They will sit on their money till times get better or invest overseas. Give corporations incentives (tax breaks) to bring jobs back. Companies exist to make a profit - we are in a world market competing against China, Korea etc. - you can't just legislate penalties on the rich to create more and better paying jobs. And government union jobs are sucking us dry because they produce nothing of real value like a product/service and only exist off of our taxes from working citizens who are producing a valuable goods/services and PROFITABLE companies that we can tax their profits!

If you have no skin in the game you have no sense of what the value is of anything is.

The wealthy understand value or they would not be wealthy.

The middle class understand it too.

The Democrats have created generations that are hooked on Social Crack - ENTITLEMENTS.

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And the liberal progressive Democrats in New York want to ban giant soft drinks because they think people do not have the sense to STOP FORCE GULPING!!!

And the Liberal Progressive Democrats want to ban McDonald's because people are FORCE FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN HAPPY MEALS!!

And OBAMA-CARE WAS FORCED on the AMERICAN people by Liberal Progressive Democrats!!

I guess it all depends on what if being FORCED and on Whom as determined by Liberal Progressive Democrats.

Animal Activist are part of the Lib Prog Dem culture....

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hummm the Afgans sacrifice one soldier and the French pull out...?

The French are being overrun in their own country by Muslims....

How much longer till a gold dome is put on the Eiffel Tower....

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Is this article trying to say in it's most PC way that African-Americans are racists...???

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King County stuffing random car trunks with votes for D's ......??

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King County Catch and Release program expands to Auburn...... LOL

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here's your sign....

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gun toting homeowner...I'm picturing a man in a flannel shirt, Wranglers, chaps in a pair of cockroach killer pointed cowboy boots, holsters on both hips...cig hanging menacingly from his lips...big wad of tabacky....! But did he spit on the detainee!!??

YUP that is your typical gun toting homeowner.

The anti-gun reporters just crack me up!

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Obama needs to invite dem to da White House to share some 40's on the East Lawn, maybe have Snoop show up....I'm sure Sharpton, the Jessie's and Rev Wright would be down wit dis.

Do they have shot counters now...? Can you please verify 17 shots were fired?

They can tell us how many shots were fired but no descriptions of the shooters, white, black, Asian, Latino...??

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Supply and Demand - Let the FANS decide!!

Besides - Seattle is such a fickle sports town anyway - how many of you remember all the loosing Seahawk seasons (Zorn running for his life, Largent snagging passes...) YET the Kingdome was sold out every game!

The Mariners slump and it shows in the stands - Seattle is not a hard core baseball town.

We have frantic Sounders (Eruro football). Makes sense when you look at how liberal left wing Seattle is - it's basically a Euro socialist city anyway.

The Sonics I thought were a sure thing but I'm still left puzzled over that one - but then again it was owned by a liberal like Shultz and his Starburnt empire... Funny how liberals detest the wealthy but if it makes sense for their own personal best interest then watch out!! Games were too spendy anyway. And NBA teams are played by mostly African Americans with attitudes that are a cross between a street thug and a drama queen - sorry if I just don't identify.