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Can't wait to get my feet in those dynafit vert's. Finally a spring to look forward to

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Has the bladder system been redesigned in the UD packs? The hole in the side solution for tube routing is fairly pathetic.

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Great, looks like the Rut is a 3 day format again with the 50k on the last day. I can't party for two nights in a row and execute a 50k performance hung over.

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Call me when Inov-8 goes back to the days of X-talon outsoles that don't shear lugs in a handful of miles, mudclaw models that were as precise and burly as claws, and laces that actually stayed tight in the Rocky Mountain fall slop.
Born in England's last wilderness, sold its soul to simple trails and crossfit. Dear Inov-8, you're dead to me.

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I dislike the MM for a great many reasons, it's not my kind of shoe. However the notion of getting something right and not screwing it up with updates, is something that is so very rare in the running world. I applaud Montrail for not trying to turn a solid shoe with a loyal fan base into the next hot thing.

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I think through testing is important in our sport and needs to happen now. The only way to keep elite level ultra running is to accept the inedible fact that people will dope and elect to put up with whatever testing is good enough to actually work. Now as to what's "enough testing" is for health professionals, event organizers, and elite athletes to work together to figure out.
Like everyone else I really don't want to find out a hero of mine cheated to success, and the only way to minimize that risk is to create a sport that actively discourages doping through whatever methods work. Pretending that ultrarunning is too pure, or lacks the money, for cheating will cause what happened in cycling to happen here.

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There need to be races like this in the US, fixed lines and mandatory crampons and alpine exposure and all.

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Guys, can we please not use traditional parametric statistics for sample sized like 8? Also 0.9+-0.2 and 1+-0.1 are, statistically speaking, equal. Assuming the basic methods everyone knows were used, based on some of the data scatter plots, the conclusions can be completely wrong.

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Kilian's focus is much more heavily on big mountains this time. I suspect the sort of speed that's needed to win a running race can't be had while focusing on something as big and serious as he Himalayas. That said though, Mount Marathon doesn't look all that runnable even by my Montana Rockies standards.

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If Mike is in good race shape, this terrain might prove to be too runnable for Killian with his current big mountain focus. This will be a pretty interesting fight for the lead to watch. On other news the Hardrock course might be "too runnable" for someone.