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Hey just remember, "Days, not weeks."

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If Mr. McCain is so keen on fighting for Syria, may I suggest he pick up a rifle and fight? The Syrians need to fight their own wars. Not one US soldier is worth the entire population of all the foreign nations put together. Obama's got the U.S. on its knees right now and we're trying to find solutions for Syria??? Hey, "days, not weeks." Libya now wants to install a radical Islamic theocracy. Great. I'm glad we're getting results for the billions spent on that sh*thole of a country. Let the trolling begin...

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There are two stances on abortion within the libertarian philosophy.

The first one is pro-choice. The argument being that a woman's body is her personal property and she has a right to do with it what she wants. If you argue that a fetus is not the property of the woman, the logical conclusion also extends to your internal organs. Furthermore, no one has the right to live in and live off of someone else's body. Even if the fetus is birthed and can survive outside of the woman's body, it still has no right to live in or off her body.

The second is pro-life. Libertarians believe in nonaggression towards life from conception and that this right to life supersedes. Quote:

"Non-aggression is an ongoing obligation: it is never optional for anyone, even pregnant women. If the non-aggression obligation did not apply, then earning money versus stealing it and consensual sex versus rape would be morally indifferent behaviors. The obligation not to aggress is pre-political and pre-legal. It does not arise out of contract, agreement, or the law; rather, such devices presuppose this obligation. The obligation would exist even in a state of nature. This is because the obligation comes with our human nature, and we acquire this nature at conception." - Dorris Gordon

So the camp is split. Paul, in his personal views, is 100% pro life. However, he believes that his views should not be imposed on anyone else. His constitutional libertarian stance leads him to the conclusion that the states, not the federal government, should decide the issue. If a state has more liberal abortion laws, people who are in favor of abortion may move there. If a state has more conservative abortion laws, the people who are opposed to abortion may move there. Overall, the federal government needs to go suck eggs. And I stand by that.

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Looks like the Lefties are all smiles and giggles now. Well, I have something to say to ALL of these Lefties who were doubting the previous leadership:

Fcuk all of you. Every single one of you. I would almost claim you have ADD, but seeing how you all quickly forgot after 9/11, I'm not suddenly surprised by your resurgence of false patriotism. Worse yet, you make it seem like the president fast-roped off that chopper and snuffed Osama himself. If the Bush administration presided of Osama's capture, your reaction would be completely different. You are all sycophantic losers. For the first time, I can actually find some amount of pride in Barack Obama, but Obama isn't a hero, so stop portraying him that way. Go fcuk yourselves "Born Again Americans", because some of us never stopped wearing the American flag.

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You mean the government wasn't corrupt before unions got involved? :-)

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Lot of people with short attention spans here. Take a look at the long term.

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Thank God we're gaining traction. George Soros can suck it.

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With Michael Moore leading the charge, no doubt. They could try to invade all they want, but Red Ameica would hold more firearms and coveted Class III permits. Trying to invade us with picket signs and ad hominem arguments would be no match for that.

My Theory of Liberal Survival goes like this: a homogenous liberal population will never survive more than one or two generations because they'll abort many of their young and will simultaneously be wiped out by Islamists through their own lack of fighting ability.

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I got an idea: instead of fighting over gun rights, let's just split the country down the middle. All conservatives and libertarians take one side, the liberals/socialists/progressives take the other. One side has no concept of money, has no concept of individual freedom, and is unarmed. The other side will be able to protect themselves, will have individual liberty, and will have an idea of how money works so they don't bankrupt themselves. Which side is better off?

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I love Gaddafi's row of ribbons... Oh wait. No, it's a giant patch. My mistake.