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On the second video what makes them think I subscribed.

I mean come on who are they to think that we are subscribing just because it was amazing?

FINE! I'm subscribing but I'm not happy about it!

okay...yeah I'm a little happy about it...

alot happy

leave me alone!

515 weeks ago @ - Kanye West is a Bitch :-p · 2 replies · +1 points

I can't see the video but I agree Kanye west is a fucking bitch.

Trying to claim he's going to be the next Elvis.

You can't be in popshit and become the next king of rock and roll. You can be the next king of pop maybe. That means Kanye is going to be the next Michael Jackson.

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This thing is creepy still.

515 weeks ago @ - Rookie Talks? · 3 replies · +1 points

Awh, he is so cute. Especially when he was a puppy because he had cute little short ears.

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*drinks redbull*

*waits around for wings*

~three days later~


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I'm still freakin creeped out by this. I fear that you will end up naked face down in the bottom of a lake. If that happens WE KNOW who did it!

For all you know they could be watching outside right now with a sniper, making sure you don't try to open it before it's time.

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That's one sexy html code.

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...that's one nice picture. *drools*

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Getting punched by punchy is such an honor.

516 weeks ago @ - Mondays Video OMGWTFPHIL! · 0 replies · +1 points

"It's most likely going to be a brodeo"