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I keep thinking back to that fateful day when Azmin ranted on twitter and scheduled a tell-all press conference when he did not become Menteri Besar, then had a meeting with Anwar, then decided to hold off on the tell-all. Azmin and Anwar, forever the dynamic duo.

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while I am totally against the Sedition Act, one good thing that has come out of all this is that Adam Adli will finally focus on his studies and hopefully finally graduate.

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it appears that the difference between the last two times PAKATAN submitted one name to this time around, is the words Sebulat Suara, in which all three parties submitted one name. but this time, as PAS had submitted two names, HRH takes it as they are not sebulat suara in this matter, thus need to comply with the request for more names.

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so rafizi is saying that by asking for more names, HRH is succumbing to petty politics? insulting the sultan and insulting our intelligence in one go, a new low for Rafizi.

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I didnt mind so much that he thought it was inappropriate, like he said in his second statement, because that is his opinion. But what bothered me was that in his earlier statement, he said that he felt embarrassed by it, thinking what would his overseas friends think. I thought this was shallow and shows that is embarrassed by shows of patriotism? And this guy is an MP? The people in the US sing the national anthem before baseball game (yes, baseball is their national sport) but still, they are proud to sing their national anthem, FYI.

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exactly. If the people in TMI care to know the truth, they can refer to a copy of the letter in malaysia today and judge for themselves its contents.

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It was Khalid Ibrahim who sued Bank Islam back in 2007 before he became the Selangor Menteri Besar in 2008. Hence there is no issue that he was compromised for settling this matter out of court as alleged by Pakatan Rakyat. Khalid gains nothing from settling this matter out of court. please refer to a copy of the letter in Malaysia Today. There is a lot of misreporting in this Malaysian Insider article which does not explain clearly what was explained by the lawyers.

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here is what I think about this video. it is a malaysia that we want to see, and that is great. however, it is also a situation in which we blatantly ask people to admit that they are racists, which of course is never going to happen. Most people who are racist, don't realise that they are racist. They do racist things and think racist thoughts but dont realise that their actions is such.

If you tell a guy on the street, say Melayu Bodoh, of course he won't say it. but what if you have a Melayu fella walking along the road doing something bodoh. Then you plant a guy there to say to a nearby passerby, "biasalakan, Melayu. Bodoh." then you will see the real response. Will he stand up and say, "hey not all Malays are like that, don't stereotype," or will he nod and laugh?

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I like how Malay Mail points out that PAS is in defiance of Pakatan instead of compliance to the Palace, to put PAS in the bad light here. So compliance to Palace now equals defiance toPR Presidential Council (which is not even a legal entity and just a pact).

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I am sorry but the Sultan's role in appointing the Menteri Besar is not ceremonial as far as the constitution is concerned isnt it? It is only traditionally looked on as ceremonial because for the most part, there is no need for the Sultan to intervene. But should His Majesty feel that the interest of the public is not served, and based on his judgement, a candidate is not suitable, I believe it is pretty clear in the constitution that the Sultan does have absolute discretion on this matter.