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Great site and article, I am going to get another 10/22, I modded mine with a Butlercreek heavy barrel and synthetic stock with a 4x Bushnell scope.
I haven't put that many rounds through it (my fault) but everything seem to work well.
The problem is that the heavy barrel doesn't have Iron sight's, this could be a problem for a survival gun.
I have decided that I going to find a gunsmith / machinist who can notch the barrel and install the Ruger factory Iron sights. Maybe a set of Williams or Lyman peep's.
I am also going for Extended mag release bolt release and a Picatinny rail on the receiver.
I have (3) three Ruger factory 10 round mags now and I will soon get (3) three more I like factory mags for fit and function.
I use a Uncle Mikes silent sling with quick detach swivel's. I think a lighter trigger is in the work's also.
Well for now this is as far I want to mod my 10/22. I wish Ruger would work out the bugs they had with 10/22 Mag I would like a semi auto 22Mag rifle.
Keep the good stuff coming.
Joe R

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My wife does not think its importent to prepare for anything but thanksgiving and x-mas LOL.

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I use a oxy accetiline torch carbinizing flame !
and quench in water or oil !
or find a piece of hardox or ballistick steel (sorry about the spelling )
or a tread of a bulldozer cleat and cut it out and shape with a grinder then a file then a stone !
check with your local metal shop or machine shop will have heat treatable steel!

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I have fired the 444 -and the 45-70 marlin always use flattip bullits in a lever gun !
Also I have fired the 35rem my brother has one and I like it a lot but cost of ammo is restricktive sorry about the spelling LOL
I have hunted deer and bear (black bear) with my S&W 686 6in revolver for 20 yrs now and the 357 round is much better than most people know ! MV 1500 range and in a 1894 c would be better but I don't have one yet but working on it LOL .
Ok captbart my other bro has a 30-40 krag the for runner of the 30-06 and have shot that rifle a lot they have been know to shoot 1000yds with ease ! but ammo is almost impossable to get nowadays.

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I have not read the book but have been out of work and money fore four years now !
and have leaned a lot about making it without a job so to speak !
I am bugging in now LOL !
There are a lot of idle people (without work) here in western mass!
Thing's are getting out of hand and most nights I can hear gunfire from where I live!
But the Gov of this place say's nothing and You see nothing about anything bad in the news
and this is just a small town !

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My grand dad liked the 32win or the 308 win myself I aways liked the 30-30 win lever rifle and I also like the 357mag round !
I think this year I am going to get a new 12ga 870 shotgun or a new ithaca model 37 ! and a 357mag 1894c marlin rifle .

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captbart have you fired the 444 marlin ?
around these parts you can't see more than 100yds but in a few places so I don't need a rilfe that will get out to 500yds very often !
massachusetts = land of many hill's ! the people who where here first did not lie!
12 ga shotgun and a 357mag marlin 1894c I think or a 30-30 is the best for around my hills.
And there is a lot to be said about the little 22LR ! great game getter LOL.
I like lever guns or pump actions less moving parts!
never liked autos rilfes or shotguns too much to go wrong ;by the way if auto's don't have good ammo they jam or misfire (have seen this a lot) where as the pump or lever guns will fire
even old nasty green looking ammo!
simple is much better the old single shot rilfe is still the most reliable bet !

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I love the 30-30 and 3=06 rounds I have 30-30 lever winchester in the cabinet ! and you are right all depends on where you are ! around these parts we have a hard time finding 20ga.rounds and 380 is hard to get! My grandad  loved the 32win and 308 win and 38revolver I have a 357mag that I love very much! and there is a lot to be said about 22LR !

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Ok I don't want to get into a firefight with anyone if I can help it !
I am more into bolt action rilfes or shotguns !
I want to be the unseen !
The bolt action would be in 308 win! with a scope !

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Hello all Hope all is well with you and yours!__This is a subject that I don't know that much about !__AR style rilfe (made by matell ) don't like them at all!