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Well done, Jason!

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It's available for Kindle.

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I have to say that I expected this post to be about business rather than personal metrics. How does your penchant for "measuring everything" apply to your investments?

That said, the actual content was a pleasant surprise but I'm not sure that I want to know all those things about myself. If/when I ever get back to running, perhaps.

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That's great! Mazel tov!

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Getting older sucks, Brad. As we've discussed a few times, I've had a number of issues that required medical attention - I have an appointment with an orthopedist on Tuesday. I've avoided surgery so far but I don't know how long that's going to last.

Good luck with the back - I was diagnosed with a couple of bulging discs (through MRI as I recall) a few years ago.

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I'm surprised, John, that you'd put that in writing in a public place, with your full name associated with it. Is there any risk that your insurance company could find it and use it against you?

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Why the opposition to net neutrality?

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Friedman, according to Feld, said "anyone who graduated from a US university." A community college is not the same as a university.

If the language were changed to say "bachelors degree" or "masters degree" from an accredited university, would you be more comfortable with the suggestion? Or, if it said modify the student visa program to allow them to stay in the country and work for some period of time, with a path to citizenship that required a good (to be defined) employment history?

The point is that innovation (AKA entrepreneurship) creates jobs and should be encouraged.

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On the other hand, it makes sense to have two different metrics developed in two different ways. They allow you either to have more faith in your conclusion or to ask deeper questions about what's going on in the economy. It's common to make compromises in measurement approach because of problems with measurability. This is okay provided that you measure the same way each time.

For example, how do you measure the number of people who have given up looking for a job but will resume their search if/when the economy picks up? Just who are all these people for whom work is apparently optional?

Frequently changing the methodology and then comparing "old method numbers" to "new method numbers" is just inexcusable.

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I've recently been involved in gathering and consolidating data from a number of sources, frequently ending with some collection of information in Excel. I've been developing a bit of code in VBA and VBScript as a result.

While I have some really old books on VB/VBA, when I need to figure out how to do something, I usually just do what Nate and Natty did: Google for it (e.g. "VB range find lookin", which I executed when I needed to do a search in an Excel vb macro). There are many, many sites, many of them forums of one sort or another, with information that's useful. So many, that I can't say that I go to any particular site regularly. I just Google.

The only site that I see frequently is ExpertsExchange, which I generally ignore because it's a pay site and I can usually find what I need elsewhere.