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A better way of putting would have been, perhaps, "We must not forget the…" or, "of course the murder of Jo Cox does not fit this pattern…"

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I listen a lot to Nigel Farage. Yes, he is passionate about Brexit. Yes, he has good ideas - like putting experts in negotiation "who do it every week" in charge of Brexit negotiations. Like insisting on Brexit and not BRINO - as he has been doing now for some months.
I have never - never - heard him inciting violence. But I have often seen him resign himself to frantic and abusive interviews from both men and women and take it all on the chin without flinching.
David Lammy I know nothing about. But I do come from Peterborough originally!

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It is just one case of violence being used. If you are going to talk about the Amritsar Massacre, terrible though it was, we also need to remember the Indian Mutiny (aka first war of Independence), after which "mutineers" were blown up by being tied to the mouths of cannon. The British were (justly?) angry because of the behaviour of some of the "mutineers".

We also need to remember that pre-East India Company, India was certainly not a place of peace and tranquillity. Constant wars racked North India at the time of Plassey, then there was the Juggernaut and Suttee. Dalhousie brought in the railways, the rule of Law and the (relative) peace. All this against a background of the terrible famines, the North West Frontier and the Great Game.
What a colourful pageant of bloody, idealistic, passionate humanity!
What we do not want, please, is another Brit bashing ceremony by youngsters whose idea of history is limited to anti British racist abuse (cp Channel 4).

PS I have heard of Islamophobia, why have I not heard of Hinduophobia? Or Sikhophobia?

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ross - have you ever read the deal? Have you realised that Rees-Mogg's quip about colonial status is about right?
Even if the EU behaves uncharacteristically generously, it is a recipe for asset stripping, budget control, and being sucked (with full compliance by Mrs May???) into the European United States under the unelected secretive Commission (without even a Commissioner?).

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What I am looking for is inspiration.
The Conservatives are not doing that. Boris is in hiding. There are nasty things going on too. Knife crime is not being dealt with properly. As a Christian I do not like marriage being debased. Yes, I am conversant with the Withdrawal Treaty and it terrifies me.
Labour frightens me even more, although it seems to be dying out a bit now.
Nigel Farage's presentation of the new party was awesome. It hit the right spot perfectly.

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I am very relieved to read the comments on this Conservative blog.
One thing terrifies me and that is that Mrs May is going to be able to push the Diktat/Deal through parliament.
We must leave. But luckily I think that the EU are going to play silly Bs in the near future and everyone will see how utterly shameless they really are.

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I shall certainly be voting for Farage's party in the Euro Elections. I know several other people in this deeply conservative area of the UK who will be too.

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Please do not vote for the deal! It is simply awful. https://www.consilium.europa.eu//media/37059/2018...
And it needs a lawyer to understand it too. https://www.spiked-online.com/2018/11/19/turning-...

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Total con.
Staying in the EU under the Withdrawal Treaty is presented as leaving the EU.
Accepting the Referendum result and the two election manifestos is presented as ridiculous.
Pretending that staying permanently in the EU is just a customs union is presented as a sensible compromise.
Words have simply been turned on their head.