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I think the ex girlfriend should be questioned as well, but highly doubt this girl has anything to do with Debbie missing. The ex may be able to shed some light as to the charachter of the boyfriend. As far as the visit Debbie made to the ex girlfriend, maybe that is what made Blu angry. I know that just because Blu has domestic violence charges pending against him right now doesn't make him a killer - but I'll bet he has something to do with her disappearance.

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I wish them all the love and happiness in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with Ayden. Have a wonderful, joyous, rejoiceful holiday!

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It is quite sad what has happened with Misty, however, I do agree with you Happy; It's not just Ronald keeping her from telling the truth. She is trying to save her own hide as well. She definitely had a lot to do with what happened that nite - even if it was just covering up (which is doubtful at this point) All concerned have lost sight of what this is all about - bringing a small girl home for a decent burial. She deserves at least that much. As far as I am concerned they all are involved, right down to Ron's family.

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If you look at the picture posted here of Misty, does she not look stoned? I believe she is still using in jail, which could explain why when it comes to Ron, her thinking is still clouded. Being in recovery myself, I know that once I put the substances down, my mind started to clear and my thinking was more logical and I was able to make better choices for myself - None of what Misty is doing right now is remotely logical - which tells me she may be still using drugs in prison. It just kills me that the PD can't make an arrest for this poor little girl because they have to keep chasing stories and leads that go nowhere.

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Misty is definitely grasping at straws right now - and I agree - I do think Haleigh was drugged. I don't believe there was any blood, but I do believe Haleigh mustve gotten sick on her shirt, which was why it was washed, and when someone passes, their body fluids are released - which would explain why the blanket was washed. If you see the early interview of Misty saying " I washed her blanket because there was pee on it, who wants to sleep on a blanket that has been peed on?" So there was definitely some question put to her about washing the blanket. Good point, I do wonder if Junior was ever given a drug test or ever questioned again after being removed from the home. Misty has the cards stacked against her because she can't let go of Ron - I hope someday she can let go of this idiot and make some attempt to save herself, and get into recovery.

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Misty also, IMO would not have held back, kept mum, or changed her story had she not had some serious involvement with this. I understand the whole "devotion to Ron" issue, however, what she is spinning is not a purely selfless act to hold onto Ron. At this point, she is obviously worried about her own time in the slammer - I believe she is covering for herself and Ronald. I think Tommy and Joe were just collateral damage. I do not believe Misty is not forthcoming, JUST because of her feelings for Ron. It goes much deeper than that. Haleigh is not alive. She was not taken by some crazed vengeful drug dealer for payment. She was killed, caught in the middle of all the abuse and drugs that her father and others around her allowed her to exist in. I also believe Ron's side of the family is not so innocent.

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Those letters are too educated for her. Something is up. I believe the letter she wrote to grandma and aunt, that sounds like her. Repetitive, slang, mispelling of words, shows someone uneducated wrote it. The first two are crap, IMO. I was reading up on this case alittle wondering what happened to you Art, and reread a couple things I had read and videos I had seen in the past. About the pink shirt. I do believe this was the last article of clothing Haleigh was wearing. Also, ironically found by Misty in the laundry a few days later, which she did report to the police. Then in a video, I saw her talking about washing a blanket that had been peed on. I also believe that happened. I think haleigh was wearing the shirt and there was evidence on it, and the blanket, as well. They were both washed. Evidence gone. she definitely. if anything, had something to do with the cover up of something that happened to haleigh that night. Scratch the letters. They are bogus. I don't know what she is trying to do, but it's not working!