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259 euro, not 130 - it's the expensive model. And 50/50!? I'd say it's more like 90% fiberglass to 10% carbon. You are right, they do the 'trick' - Leaderfins successfully deceives its customers that the blades are made of 'carbon'.
Don't get me wrong - the fins are fine, it's the marketing approach that sucks. I'll never buy from a company that consciously deceives its customers - there are more market players to choose from.

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Klaus, you can find high-quality carbon fins (C4, XX One, etc) at ~320 EUR, less than the price of good hyper monofin :) I've tried several all-carbon fins and in fact they were quite soft, which is arguably better...
The point in my post is not that the fins are crappy (they're good, actually), but that Leaderfins sells them with the label 'Carbon' instead of 'Fiberglass'. It's obvious that there is a catch with low price - but you don't have to break your fins to find it :)


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No, not yet. I'm traveling to Greece in mid June and if I can equalize without difficulties, I'll try 45 meters for sure.

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Благодаря Вальо! Малко е странно аз да давам съвети на теб :) . Но все пак - за изравняването - първоначално на 33-34 м въздухът за изравняване 'свършваше'. После станаха 40 и сега на 40 имах още (с изравнена маска). Изравнявам по някакъв хибриден начин - не е само Валсалва, мърдам си долната челюст и езика...още не правя чист Френзел.
От както прибирам плътно диафрагмата, имам повече въздух за евстахиевите тръби- мисля, че това е най-важното. Разтягането на гръдния кош, език, челюст за 15 мин сутрин, прочистването на носа със солена вода; пълна релаксация и добра позиция на главата (гледане само напред, не надолу ) - също ми помагат. Лятото ще разбера докъде мога да стигна - ако мога да изравнявам очаквам по-големи дълбочини.

Поздрави! Ще се радвам да се засечем на морето.

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Thanks, Dragan! Shipwreck freediving is among the best experiences I've ever had, and going to Malta's well known wrecks is just a question of time. It'll be great if we can dive together there!

@ Sanne - I'm looking forward to the Glide fin review on your site - I'll order one soon, just want to be sure about the angle and footpocket size :)

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@ Dimitrios Sure I plan to freedive with the Skandalopetra. I hope to come to at least one event that you and Nikolas organize! I really need to work on my equalization (especially when using a noseclip) and depth adaptation, and this type of diving is probably the most beneficial and safe at the same time.

@ Diana Thanks! Enjoying what you do is probably the most important thing.
And I'm getting closer to those 'digits', but still have lots of work to do...

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More likely a Lubo squeeze :) (my own style)... Credit for the pic goes to Mitko, again.

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Sure, I'll start writing about how training is going. For now, I swim 5-6 times a week (1-1,5 hour sessions) and try to increase the frequency and duration of running without overtraining - I'm very careful with training/getting proper rest. So basically this will be my preparation for the next 3 months (till mid February). I'll also do some technique training for the monofin - stretching and in-water exercises (not focused on distance, of course). And, (still in planning due to the time constraints) I'll start doing equalization exercises.
From February on - more anaerobic exercises and STA+DYN (freediving occasionally, it's still cold outside). I'll split my plan in a mothly phases with different focus, more on that later. Let's see how my basic training goes :)