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Hey John - thanks for reading - I do appreciate it. To answer your question, I certainly know *of* Bill Denton and frbr.org, but that's about it. One day when I actually have something meaningful to say on the topic, i may get in touch with him. But for now, I'm happy to just shout into the ether..

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An incredibly valid point. I believe I was assuming at the time I wrote this that most people in the sample would be willing to self-identify as First Nations.

Nonetheless, I'm compelled to stand by the allusions I was drawing re systemic racism, but not without ackowledging the gap you pointed out..

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Perhaps if there's something that can be taken away from all these comments, it can be that a PhD should be completed for the love of research as much (if not more than) for financial gain or job security.

Are the sacrifices required to take on a PhD worth the rewards to follow? That's a value judgment, and therefore the answer is highly personal. Although I may question the value of doing a PhD in LIS, in my heart I'll likely applaud some one like Marc who seems willing to reach for the brass ring for his right, personal, reasons. This is especially so since he's looking beyond Library Admin and into the professorate.

Thanks for your comments, all.

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Maybe this is where we all take up Jason Hammond\'s mantra of \"better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission\"..