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For information regarding filing a wage claim with BOLI:

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One evening my dad was sitting in a lawn chair on our patio at dusk, and our fluffy cat walked under his hand and brushed his tail against it, asking to be petted, like he often did, so my dad started petting him. After a couple minutes, dad noticed a slight skunk smell, and looked over the edge of the chair at the cat - only to realize he'd been petting a skunk!

He slowly, carefully, removed his hand, all the while thinking, please, please, go away and don't spray... and was very appreciative when it did!

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Probably the same Bunch of A(self-censored) that most of the articles like this are about.

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Actually, they do just fine if they've been raised through the vulnerable years to have a strong self of self and have a good character and moral code - even an adult bully can't rattle my teens.

Schoolcare doesn't accomplish much except creating children like these, who will stay immature all their lives because their socialization skills have been warped through contact limited to just others of the same age, all incarcerated like themselves, with little quality interaction with the "real world" as you call it - while most homeschoolers are out and about and interacting with people from infant to elderly on a daily basis.

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The children shouldn't have been out in the sun for an extended length of time during EDUCATIONAL hours in the first place.

They were in school - which was never intended to be a social activity. Remember?

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Install some version of this in the gas tank?

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Might help if you actually READ the story.

"For the average person, police recommend getting gas caps that lock. Usually, the thief will look for an easier car to target. But in this case, the company tried that, and the thief just broke them off."

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Walk-in freezers and coolers are required to have a way to open them from the inside as a safety mechanism. To make sure they're as reliable as possible, they're made to not need power - unfortunately, they're often not well-maintained, and the cool temperatures are hard on them, and it's often seen as a low-priority repair.

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Same comment I was going to make.

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Any one with the nerve to run for political office lacks the competence to succeed, the integrity to do the right thing, and the intuition to find a path that puts both to the most effective use possible.