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Sure he approached her-- his time to shine!

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I've read-up thanks. Pretty rare for a mother to only see her child every two weeks.

My life is not "peachy", but I would do everything in my power to see my kiddos EVERYDAY not matter what the cost or toll... ask most mother's and that would be their response. From everything I have read it sounded like she has spent the years trying to get her act together. Sounds like Terri has been a pretty consistent figure in his life from the beginning... just saying...

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Ha! No connection to the family. Just wanted to put out some of my thoughts.

It makes me sad to see the biological mom choose to be an absentee parent for SEVEN years and then ask everyone to take pity on her and blame her ex-husband's new wife. I am a mom of two and would NEVER miss a day of their lives--- impossible for me to imagine making that personal choice. Just makes me sad to see everyone pitying her. She obviously didn't have her act together before this point... sad.

Whose to say that Kaine didn't have a violent temper or selfish life??

Seems the law enforcement is not blaming Kaine or the real mom, but haven't heard them blame Terri either. The media is all over her, but WHAT IF she is innocent?

Just thinking outside the box...

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I have been reading posts for a long time and finally felt the need to reply.

1) TH: while I believe there are many signs pointing towards guilt here, I am not so sure I believe it. Lie detector tests, cooperating with police, a teaching backround, been in Kyron's life all along, etc. lead me to believe she is somewhat of a good person.

2) Why do we all sympathize the real mom here? Kyron is 7!! Where has she been all this time? She decided to be selfish and have her own life all these years and then is crying over her missing son? I am sorry but I am a mother and you just don't choose to be an absentee parent. Fathers possibly, but a mother??? Why is everyone putting pity on her? From what I can tell from this story is that Terri was more than a mom to this little boy than his own biological mother.

Also, why isn't anyone pointing fingers at the Kaine? Why do we just assume that the step-mother is to blame? Not so sure I believe that there are no red flags with not only Kaine, but with the real mom (trying to get her act together and take back her son?).

I agree Terri has a couple things that make me question. But please, this whole family is a train wreck and this poor boy is the paying the consequences.