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* Regarding the complaints of delays in releasing payouts, we understand those members requested payout by Payza have delays receiving their money. This is due to Payza issue with its members in the UK. As per Payza statement, Payza do not provide services to members in the UK including us. It seems they have problem with UK regulations and hence they stopped all the accounts they have in UK. In our Payza account we are unable to send/receive/withdraw any transactions due to this issue. A large number of our members money also blocked in Payza. Payza has stated they are working hard to sort out the current issue yet no clear answer.

We apologize for the current issue and we appreciate your understanding that this is out of our control.

You can read more here:

Those members who requested payout by Payza and their payout is still pending can contact to change their payout method. We still suggest to use Paypal.

* Regarding the errors with the site, Star-Clicks changed its server last year, all active members should have received an email regarding this. Due to the data migration there were some errors on the site in certain areas which resolved in few days after the upgrade.

* We have stopped providing the service to Nepal. We do not take any new member from Nepal and all accounts from Nepal are being closed. This is due to the large number of problems we had both with members trying to cheat Star-Clicks and payout method issues in Nepal. Due to this we have limited the access of people from Nepal. So, if you are from Nepal, you may not receive your payout if your country in your profile is not Nepal but your IP indicates you are from Nepal. If you have created more than 1 account you will not receive any payout and your accounts will be closed.

* Other queries including delays in payout or upgrading by current balance please contact

We are still committed to provide quality service to our members, however problems always exist and unfortunately upset members.
We thank those members who always supporting

Thank you

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We try to provide support in 3 working days, emails to billing dept might take longer and some queries need longer time to be reviewed and replied. You can always call our call center for support queries. Any problem with billings, delays in payouts and following up payouts must be sent to

Live support is available round the clock to provide support for members.

Thank you

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Working with your account you must respect the terms written on the site, if the amount you generate using your account is not according to the terms on the site your payout might not be accepted. This has been explained on the site. Unfortunately, we have seen members working with their accounts without understanding and reviewing the terms and rules they need to respect in order to work with their account in a satisfactory level, we have been trying to show a good source of online traffic to advertisers and is important we provide a quality service to our advertisers in order to keep our current advertisers and receive new advertisers in future.

Thank you

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Dear Ricky Quibingco,

Regarding your account as you have been provided the report, you kept clicking same ads in your account only to increase your balance, as it has been writen on the terms page:
"Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include but are not limited to: repeated manual clicks or impressions"

Please note as a member we do appreciate your time and effort you have spent using your account, however this is important that we both respect the same rules in order for us to provide a quality service to both our members and advertisers. You would have no problem with your account if you respect the terms and work accordingly to the terms, again we would like to ask you to review our terms which we asked you many times to review and still seems you are not aware of the terms.

Thank you

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Dear Admir,

We are sorry to understand you have had difficulties using your account. I reviewed your account and I understand your first payout was not accepted for the reason explained to you and you accepted. For the second payout we had the same issue with your payouts although you were fully explained how to use your account.
As I can see your conversations with billing department, billing department finally accepted your payout to be released. As per our refund policy you can request refund of your payment for Gold membership and as I can see you asked for a refund of your payment. Refunding the payment of Gold membership will not release any payout after the refund requested, this means you can not both ask for refund of your payment and receive your payout.

Once again we are sorry you experienced difficulties however its important that our members act according to the terms.

If you would like to restore your account or have any query regarding your account you can always contact

Thank you

Picture of the refund:

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Here we would like to post the full history of your payments including the pictuer of Alertpay showing payments sent to you. You have been sent your payouts and issued refund of your Gold membership as you requested. We understand you are asking us to send bank transfer payments sent to you in April 2011 again to your Alertpay. I will ask a member of our team to contact you and understand the reason of your request.

( ) This shows the full history of your account
( ) This shows the history of transactions with you on Alertpay

Thank you

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Would you please provide your email address so we can check your account and understand your problem?

We understand members might have difficulties regarding their accounts, we do our best to resolve issues asap.
You can always submit a support ticket from your account panel or call the support number located on the site.

Thank you

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Payouts are not released immediately. If your payout is taking more than 15 days then please contact

Thank you

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Payouts are reviewed before releasing if there is a delay please contact

Thank you

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As stated on the site we do not guarantee the minimum number of links for Silver members. This is explained on the site.

Thank you