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Kitties in kamps! Calico is the new black.

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What would be the female version of Uncle Tom? I vote Aunt Sonnie.

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Maybe we should consider a class-action suit against those who are trying to kill the ACA.

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They derp-fry everything in Smith & Wesson oil.

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Well I declare, I am just heartsick about the hurt feelings afflicting those delicate flowers at the Daily Cholera.

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My dad lived in a small town, like Mr Shootin' Days, in the South, during the Depression, but turned out quite differently.
He was a steadfast old-school Republican, and he also hated bullies.
One day, Bryant, fresh from her exile from Florida after the failed campaign against gays, wandered into the Tulsa furniture store my dad managed.
Dad took one look and asked the gay interior decorator to "go take care of Miss Bryant".
The decorator smiled, totally camped it up with Bryant, and Bryant was gone in an instant. My favorite Dad story.

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I checked out "Agorafabulous" awhile back. Good read.

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As an Okie, I can attest to the absolute accuracy of this post. Good job, Rebecca.

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He could become a double-naught spy.

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Hell, he looks delusional enough to think that he taught Maddow a lesson. His pals are prolly telling old Tim that he really socked it to that damn liberal, haw haw!