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To address two points raised by Mark:

1. I agree with the commenters above, Vimes was not laughing at his own men. He was laughing at the rich and the powerful, who expected to see a group of men just as cynical and manipulative as them and now don't know what to do with men who are afraid to ask for a dartboard.

This also gels very well with what Vimes told the Patrician earlier, about people just being people. Those watchmen were just being watchmen, who see themselves remaining in the watch, brewing tea in the watchhouse, perhaps playing a little game during off hours and trying to get a little more to get by.

2. Regarding the "siege" and "conqueror" metaphors, I felt that it was a natural extension of their relationship. Vimes had put up an impenetrable barrier around himself, which PTerry made pretty clear in describing how their last meeting at her house ended. I did not find it odd.

(All the usual caveats apply, of course. These are simply my readings. I am not arrogant enough to think that others will not interpret these things differently.)

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_erinacea_ has very kindly pointed out that the panel I posted above contained spoilers for a latter section of this book. Therefore I have (crudely, I'm afraid) edited the image so that the balloons are not visible anymore.

I apologise to anybody I may have inadvertently spoiled.

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Here's the (somewhat) official depiction from the graphic novel.

So I'd say that you more or less nailed it.

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I had not posted any panels from the Guards! Guards! graphic novel this week and I'd missed posting Death's (DEATH!!) appearance from the last section.

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Oh, I missed that.

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Here's Vimes from the Guards! Guards! graphic novel, in one of the best scenes that contains one of the funniest puns.

They got the wardrobe correct!

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Here's how the Ankh-Morpork dragon looks like in the Guards! Guards! graphic novel.

Quite stylised, but I like the fact that they did not make it too aerodynamic. This Draco nobilis is clearly a large, scary, and magical beast. Comparing a swamp dragon (Draco vulgaris) gives us a better idea of the scale.

In addition to being goofier-looking, this is clearly a much smaller species from the same genus. (It's the eyes, isn't it? Larger animals have much smaller eye size vs body size ratio than smaller animals.)

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ETA: Spoilers for the whole series.

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So, I realised that I had not posted Lady Sybil Ramkin's depiction from the earlier part. Let me correct that mistake right away (the following image is a composite of two panels from later in the book).

Also, here is the greatest (or the worst) street vendor in all of multiverse, Mr. C.M.O.T. Dibbler (with captain Vimes).

(Spoilers for this book) Gur yvarf "V pna tvir vg hc, ur gubhtug. V pna tvir vg hc nal gvzr V yvxr." sebz gur Fhcerzr Tenaq Znfgre ner FBBBB terng. V erzrzore ernqvat guvf sbe gur svefg gvzr naq ernyvfvat ubj CGreel unq qenja cnenyyryf gb nqqvpgvba urer. V tbg tbbfrohzcf.