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Yay! I love their double-strength vanilla extract so much.

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I would be devastated if my fiancé broke up with me, because you know fiancé, but would still feel less used if that happened than I do about my ex, who I did *not* have sex with, because he effectively used his relationship with me to, like, figure out how to relate to humans and then dumped me when he realized my depression was not a "quirk" or something he could fix. (I'm not super mad about it, because we were both 18 and didn't know what we were doing and he was actually a fairly nice person, but yeah.)

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My ex ate pretty much literally the same thing for every non-breakfast meal - pasta or rice with ketchup and a slab of meat of some type. Sometimes there was a small amount of vegetables. He would, if pressed, eat other things, but defaulted back to this even if better food was available.

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My fiancé actually did this once. ONCE. We hadn't been dating all that long, his mother lives in another country so he's used to picking up every time she calls, but just what. I had to muffle my laughter with a pillow. (I still don't know why he looked at the phone in the first place, though.)

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We have such fucked up narratives about sex and virginity. I was upfront with my fiancé about not having had sex before we met (we were both 25), and he told me he'd only had sex once and told me a story about getting drunk at a party and waking up the next morning naked next to someone, in a way that made it seem like it had just happened, oh well. This distressed me, especially since when I mentioned it about a month or so after we had started having sex he got really distraught - I mean, it sounded a bit like he had been raped. But he was actually upset because he was trying to figure out how to tell me he had lied - he'd never had sex before me and he'd made up what sounded like a plausible story b/c A Man Is Not A Virgin and all that bullshit. How screwed up is a culture where that's the story someone chooses to make up as a plausible sounding ordinary first experience?

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I literally forgot this movie was released, and luckily it is playing near me.

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Like the sudden elevation of grappa! (I don't think radicchio is expensive or "fancy", though, just perhaps having a moment, and that just goes in cycles. It's always been around, in salads etc, it's just popular. I mean, I guess it's fancier than iceberg.)

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If he could just direct things and then fall off the face of the planet for the rest of the time I'd be pretty cool with that.

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I think I understood what you meant - it's a complaint that's not coming from foodies, it's worth an eyeroll - I was just trying to expand on it. While I was writing, though, it occurred to me that I'm not sure I hear the same complaints about "canonical" high-end cuisine as much, though. People might mock hundred-dollar dinners but they don't say "oh I could get that for five dollars at the diner" so much. They don't necessarily see French or Italian cuisine as having a cheap equivalent that all food of that type should therefore be priced like. (Except pizza.)