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Steam Greenlight?

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There will NOT be a US Blu Ray release.

I have contacted Brian Ward (Shout Factory) on multiple occasions, and he doesn't feel the show will "benefit enough" from Blu Ray. He also said that the MLP fanbase isn't large enough to warrant a BD release. He claims they won't sell enough copies, as Blu Ray costs "3x more" to manufacture.

However, Transformers and GI Joe were released on Blu Ray by Shout. He claims that this was done because Transformers and GI Joe were written for adults, while MLP is made for kids.

I linked him to this article on Twitter, asking if we should 'not buy it' - to hint if they have any plans of Blu Ray. He completely ignored the tweet.

If you've been waiting for Blu Ray, this is the release to get. Hopefully the encodes are master-quality.

As for fans of Season 2, Edel plans to release it in the same way as Season 1 was. I'd say expect a BD release next year.

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Been waiting for news on Edel's Blu Ray release. Hopefully there will be some convenient way of importing them!

Shout Factory sold damn well enough of the Season 1 box set to warrant a blu ray. I'm nearly positive it did better than the Transformers releases. Yet THEY got Blu Ray. GI JOE got blu ray, and that has barely any [modern] fans at all.

Ignorant morons.

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I still watch it! I just don't hype over every new episode.

Disney seems to give their shows good treatment, but be aware that episode gaps could be 3+ months, as the case with Gravity Falls. Most of their "sitcoms" get at least 3 seasons.

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Been hyping it since announcement!

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I hear people say this all the time. My take on this is that when the show was fresh and new, everything that made it great was even better due to it's sheer originality. I personally felt the episodes post-Discord were overall weaker in this aspect. When season 1 was over, I hoped season 2 would bring as many new environments as Season 1 did. Unfortunately, most of the season remained in Ponyville.

Some good episodes still come out, but their appearance seems to be few and far between. I'd personally rather move on to other shows at this point. Looking forward for the next show Faust is working on.

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Compared to Gravity Falls, it looks like total ass.
Still better than Cartoon Network though.

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How's the quality/bitrate?

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They won't release a blu ray set, yet take down user created content online?

Itunes is not sufficient. Even without color issues and DRM, the bitrate is very low. Transformers and GI Joe got one, so why doesn't FIM get the same treatment? This show would outsell the new Transformers and GI Joe shows combined. Brian Ward's ignorance of thinking otherwise is completely foolish.