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Men In Black 3 needs a Tony Shaloub-type character. It's just a rumor, though.

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Jaysus. And here I am still trying to figure out this "smoke signal" thing...

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This almost godless need to "know things" is getting out of hand. I remember when we didn't need to have "truth" and "compassion". Lord, I long for the days when a trip to the store didn't mean researching how many ways every manufacturer on the planet was out to kill you. I would wish to return to the good days of keeping everything hidden until it festers and rots and causes more problems, but ones I would never have to deal with because I am already dead. Can I get an Amen?

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Hic. Somebody talking 'bout me?

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I remember some idiot ran into the 7-11 with his pickup truck and we couldn't get Slurpees for a month. Damn idiot. I remember that month. I felt so much loss. And something happened in New York, too. My brother said it had something to do with airplanes. I like airplanes.

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What is this backlash into sanity mean? A return to craziness is just around the corner. Don't ever count a snowbilly grifter out. They just send away for a new magic "Fool 'Em and Rule 'Em" deck of cards.

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"Like, what's the big deal? At Hooters I carved my initials on all the tables. While I was bent over them. I am so sure."

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Fuck. And I was SO waiting for his full body scan to go on sale on eBay.

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Dang! She is really super....tepid? It looks so sad, like a Slurpee party in the desert when the machine breaks and the buzzards start circling and...well, just fucking sad.

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And the President has a big dick. She knows it, but she won't say it.