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FACT #1: Mrs. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE and THE FOREIGNER are not AMERICANS and did not act like them in the BENGHAZI matter. REAL AMERICANS would have EXHAUSTED ALL RESOURCES to back up our people under attack instead of EXHAUSTING ALL RESOURCES trying to cover up why they didn't do it. #2 THE FACT WILL SHOW these two american frauds covered up this scenario to the american people, so as not to revealed they were asleep at the switch, and politically protect their future. Unfortunately for them, and democratic drones like you, this is only going to get worse for them going forward.

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slider96. How about Hillary blaming the deaths on the video while looking directly into the eyes of the parents of the deceased knowing full well it was a lie. slider96. Why not tell the truth if you weren't out covering your rear end. You are a drone to the max if you believe anything coming from this administration.

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If HILLARY and THE FOREIGNER spent half the time in doing their job as they have in COVERING UP THEIR MISTAKES this disaster would not have happened in the first place. Both these SOCIALIST ANTI AMERICAN DEMOCRATS should be prosecuted for NEGLIGENCE OF DUTY and LYING TO CONGRESS, among other things.

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BIRTH CERTIFICATE. SS#, DRAFT CARD. SCHOOL RECORDS. All fraudulent. The left tries to defend this fraud with DIVERSION, DECEIT AND FORGERY. The Charade is over. Throw the socialist democrat anti american BUMS OUT.

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Obama's presidency has been nothing but one deception after another on the american people. He has been getting away with it with help from the socialist democrat frauds infested in our government and MSM. He will continue to give whoever questions his authority the middle finger because he hates this country and in his mind is only paying it back for the perceived injustices to his people. That is how the ANTI AMERICAN LEFT THINKS.

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One sure way to tell the OBAMA REGIME is lying is watch how the socialist frauds in the MSM (NBC, MSNBC,) especially, treat the story. If they ignore it that is proof posiitive there is a full blown cover-up of the facts underway. Same cover-up happened when the AGW/IPCC CO2 scam was revealed. And the same cover-up is occuring regarding the socialist democrats fraudulent eligibility scam to get him on the ballot. NBC just showed their political rear ends again with the doctoring of the Zimmerman tape. Do these clowns think were stupid or what. It's all over politcally for this crowd come November, then we clean house of those obama appointees and those already infested in our government.

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The charade and fraud of obama continues. Many high ranking democrats were involved in fraudulently getting him on the ballot in the first place. Now those in government and the MSM are playing like the 3 HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL monkeys on this issue. Nobody is above the american people or the law. We must politically destroy these frauds in November then clean house of the socialist democratic frauds that have invested our government.

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The socialist left has no answer to this. Obama's birth certificate, ss card and draft card are as phoney as a 3 dollar bill. What this shows more than anything else is obama's and his socialist democrat backers utter contempt for this country, its people and our laws. He and the democrat party are basically given us the middle finger and saying we will do what we want, when we want and you just get in line and shut up. There is no doubt now his election was a complete fraud supported by many high ranking socialist democrats. We must prosecute those responsible for the fraud and then politically destroy the socialist democrats in November.

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Clinton wants the socialist democrats to just EMBRACE the pipeline instead of Fxxxing IT.

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Susan, you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. The socialist frauds in the MSM practically peed their pants in support of this OCCUPY BOWEL MOVEMENT when it first started. They jumped for joy because they wrongfully thought this was going to be their big answer to the TEA PARTY which was politically kicking their commie rear ends. When the BOWEL MOVEMENT collasped they buried their socialist heads in the sand, as usual.