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And no mention that he is not a U.S. citizen...because that would be politically incorrect (although a fact).

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He just looks retarded to me.

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Arguing over a girlfriend for one, then "running away from the wreck" - notice they didn't say something like "running to get help" - which tells me they were both likely drunk (which usually goes hand in hand with arguing over a girlfriend).

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No excuse for this kind of violence...but they both sound like they are/were idiots.

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Agree. People across the street from me have a couple of little ankle biters and when they leave for work each day the dogs sit in the front window and do their high pitched yelps all day long at anything from the mail carrier to a passing butterfly. Shocking bark collars - use 'em people.

That being said though - this guy is obviously a nut case.

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I guess we should all stay home and get fat.

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They do it for the love of it and ask nothing in return...just ask any one of them.

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Agreed. I couldn't believe how KOMO went after this guy. On the TV report the reporter even said "no matter how the family tries to spin it, it's still a story of an out of control mayor". Jeeezus komo, it was two family members yelling at each other, get over it. Come over to my house on thanksgiving, we'll give ya a weeks worth of stories.

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Hardly. You are totally missing the point, but that's not surprising. I also like how you always avoid making a direct answer. Is anal sex dangerous - absolutely, I would never dispute that. Here's the point Grace, I'll try it one more time. Does "gay" = "sex" to you? If so that must mean "Straight" = "Sex" to you to then. Right? Were you straight prior to having sex? Does sex define you? I don't know about you but in my relationship (which is indeed a heterosexual one) sex is a component of it, but it hardly defines the relationship. I find it hard to believe that anyone would look at a relationship - male/female, male/male, female/female and only see it as a sexual one. It's people loving people - PERIOD. Another question you won't answer - What if two quadriplegics (in capable of having sex) of the same sex wanted to get married...what would then be your argument against that? You simply can't use sex as your argument. Some people F like dogs, some people are not careful...but a lot of people are responsible. It's like saying "Hey, a lot of black people commit crimes...therefore the entire race should be eliminated". In your case it's simply "Gay" = "Aids"...nevermind the fact that Lesbians are gay and believe it or not there are many gay couples that abstain from sex...just like some straight people! I hope Jesus likes haters.