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Tell that crazy kid I said happy birthday! I didn't realize we were so close in age. This was a very excellent post, my friend :)

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You tell that precious kiddo happy birthday for me!!!

You guys = awesome parents :)

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Der. Well DONE. Clearly my ability is of teh suck.

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I just made an executive decision: you never get to read anything I've written. Ever.

That was astounding. Well down, friend :)

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Noveling IS hard, which is why the corpses of about 20 of them lie littered about my computer but we've had this conversation before. I'm sending you creative vibes (but not too many; I need to save some for the push to the end of the semester since I have to produce a short story in less than a month heh). I like John, too. If it helps. And I've only read that very tiny excerpt that you uploaded to...wherever it was.

And seriously, you're the most creative mom I've ever known! That picture of Eli is hilarious!

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E can tell you some really hair-raising and horrible tales, including the one where a group of parents told the high school students in our church a bunch of lies about her so that the kids wouldn't like her anymore so the church could kick her out of the youth ministry. Christians FTW. Also, that same church ran us out on a rod because they thought we were lesbians. Of course, none of them brought their concerns to us, they just talked about it behind our backs until half the church wouldn't speak to us. Awesome! And um...what else? When E's best friend died, pastors at the church said that it happened because God wanted to protect people from her (the friend's) bad influence (she was a radical feminist and anti-Bush, just to name two things off the laundry list of "problems" the church had with her). So basically, God killed her because she was bad. Nice, huh?

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E's MBP is currently off getting repaired after its catastrophic meltdown that Apple insists was caused by massive dropping of the MBP off a tall building despite the fact that the thing has never been dropped (unless our mouse got loose during the day and did it). I love my iPod so, so much but I am so off Apple right now. Sorry you're having computer woes.

Also, HIIII!

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I saw this and LOL'd. :D We should hang out and NOT depress each other. I hear that like, laughter or something makes you happy. I dunno what THAT'S all about. ;)

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Talk to me about our finances and then you won't feel so depressed about yours! :)

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I'm so sorry to hear about Jessie. She's strong though, and that counts for a lot!

Also, ARGH! That kid! I'm glad you spoke with his mother and I'm equally glad that she reacted with abject horror that her child could be such a little punk instead of insisting that her child was absolutely perfect.