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Bad acid

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Let's have some accountability - true. This kid took drugs, couldn't handle it and was threatening other people, including cops. Someone coming at you with a hammer - drugs or not - probably deserves to be shot. It's a shame he made such a poor choice and it cost him his life. We've all made poor choices I'm sure - some of them end tragically. If you think that cop wanted to kill this kid, well... keep wondering. Sad, yes. Avoidable? Perhaps. Murder? Hell no. You want to blame someone - start with the dipshit that dropped the bad acid.

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well - the complaints have gone down drastically that's for sure - but the number of operations is up. go figure.

Boulder is not going to kiss off the amount of money the FAA give to the boulder muni airport. They recently took a boat load more to repave the taxiways and ramps. Even if they did - they would still not have any recourse to prevent aircraft operations legally unless they shut the field down permanently. The airport is a vital part of our community - doubt it? I say look at what happened during the flooding a couple of years ago.

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Aviation noise is in fact regulated.. motorcycles and trains along with traffic noise, and lawn mowers - all are more significant than these planes - which are also highly transitory.

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I live here too. And I don't agree that the noise of the twin otter is a problem. Your weekends are ruined by your own perceptions and I shall not feel sorry for you.

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oh you don't get rich by spending your own money!

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Only thing better was if he had fired it and ended everyone's misery.

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I wish this judgement was "punitive" - which would really deter people from bringing lawsuits that have little legal basis for success. Instead this was more "compensatory" which really is meant to recoup expenses of defending oneself from lawsuits. The difference in meaning really is meaningful. If you bring a lawsuit against someone - you really, really, really ought to expect to pay the legal costs for both sides if you are found on the losing side. That is what happened here.

The quiet skies folks try to represent themselves as though they speak for the majority of citizens who live in this area. They do not. I am not a skydiver, but I live closer to one of airports and previous skydiving operations they have targeted and I do not feel like this is a war zone at all. Do I notice the airplane noise? Of course I do - but it does not disturb my quality of life in the least - and I really do not appreciate a group of 4-8 people making it out to be more than it is.

I applaud the ruling - it makes sense to me.

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For starters the county should allow someone to build a decent range - indoor and offer better training options. Right now you have to go to weld or larimer county. No good options in Boulder. The Bouulder private gun club with a range has a 100 year waiting list to become a member.

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My mistake, sorry.