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Most of our comments have been deleted. Censorship runs wild on FPM. This confirms my suspicions that most of these so called conservative websites have a streak of fascism in them. Put not your trust in man, as the Bible says.

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"No aid reaches the people in Syria who are being butchered by their government – "

Codswallop ! The majority of slaughters are being carried out by the rebels. How do people get away with this garbage ?

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Really ? So who gave him that right ? Also, why did he leak classified info to S.Africa, China and Pakistan BEFORE delivering some to Israel ? Was this guy deciding what foreign nations should get America's classified info ? Who exactly did he think he was ? God ?

"Pollard and his apologists argue he turned over to the Israelis information they were being denied that was critical to their security. The fact is, however, Pollard had no way of knowing what the Israeli government was already receiving by way of official intelligence exchange agreements.... Some of the data he compromised had nothing to do with Israeli security or even with the Middle East. He betrayed worldwide intelligence data, including sources and methods developed at significant cost to the U.S. taxpayer. As a result of his perfidy, some of those sources are lost forever". (Wikipedia)

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It depends on how one defines treason. I would say he was a downright mercenary traitor.

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Not "comman sense", "common sense". I suppose it's ok to just let there be mass genocide, ethnic cleansing whatever to stop your unproven scenario. You really do need common sense, pal, if that's your response.

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He certainly WAS a traitor. He passed on classified information to several countries for money and other rewards. His actions were treasonous.

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No. He was a greedy traitor and even abused the terms of his plea bargain. Some countries would have executed him.

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If Syria is taken over by the rebels, of whatever group they be, it will be another Egypt, another Muslim Brotherhood led country, repressing the freedom of those who disagree with shariah law. Assad, at least, has allowed minorities like Christians have their rights and freedoms. No Muslim nation allows Christians more freedom than Syria. Already the Syrian rebels are terrorizing Christians and forcing them to flee in their thousands. The West are seeking to remove Assad just like they did with Qaddafi and Mubarak. That created a big improvement in Libya and Egypt. Sure it did ! The Russians have more insight and common sense in regard to these nations.

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Yes, America, please allow Morgan to remain in your land. I just wish we could deport Jeremy Clarkson from the UK !

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I have contacted a friend who is a member of UKIP to suggest that he in turn contact Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP so that Farage can raise this issue in the European Parliament. I will also contact a local MEP (Member of the European Parliament). This issue must be given a high profile. BTW I watched Firasat's film and it is based on factual historical data. He actually disclaims that he is trying to offend Muslims.