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Sad sad news. I have been checking Komo for updates, and just read about the footprints in the snow, hoping that it would lead to good news and him coming home safe.
May the family be given strength and love during this unexpectedly, difficult time.

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I'm going to file this story under "Being taken advantage of" and "nothing I can do about it"....just can't wait to hear of their record breaking profits in just a few months...

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I'm speechless....well, not really--this is just crap. Why these videos now? Because your daddy is going to be convicted? I believe it takes some mighty big balls to pull of what you did, Alina. You seem to have an answer for everything...and your way of blasting people who cared for Susan it down right nasty. You obviously don't have any compassion for anything-and you backing up your disgusting Dad?? He must have treated you extra special...

by the way it's 14:59....your time is UP!

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I can be completely wrong, but just had this idea. Maybe the store clerk (Petriches) is upset because it was a winner, she put another ticket into the scanner that wasn't a winner so she (Duncan) trashed it.
She filed the lawsuit against (Jones) because she took the tickets, which upset Petriches and Duncan got involved after Petriches contacted her, and they are splitting the money.
I just find it super odd that Petriches would file the lawsuit....more to that story....

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I wasn't LOL-ing the shooting, the killing, the school shooting or the attempted murder of a ex-husband. I'm lol-ing on the fact that like you said "what is in the water...."

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I am thinking the same thing!! I couldn't believe when I turned on the news this am to hear of the car in the water in Gorst a day after the wsp this? what is going on? Lol?

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I have to say, one win for the Cox's here!! UNTHINKABLE that he would be near those precious kids. Just when you THINK they can finally rest in peace, the POWELL's just won't go away....EVER!
Alina- I WOULD Hope you are NOT using this for your 15 minutes of fame... Just SHUT the %*(& up and go away!

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I tend to agree with you, and especially ALLLL the signs people missed or didn't call police over. Josh should have been watched. Like a hawk. He was able to donate, buy 10 gallons of gas, dump documents AND withdraw $7000 and nothing.

I also got the idea that maybe Josh's dad put the stuff in storage up here? I don't miss a blood stained comforter is PRETTY MAJOR!

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I just hope the media cameras will focus on these two boys and the grieving family and NOT on these heartless, soulless mass of people. Don't give them AN ounce of air time...that is how we can say the most!

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