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To say that his parents and fellow students didn't know he was gay is laughable. What does his being gay have to do with his academic success? Are you saying that because he's gay, he is somehow superior and that's why he achieved high marks?

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How anyone could take this mayor seriously is beyond me. His greenie personal agenda never takes into consideration how it will affect the poorest--the very same people his ilk claim to be "champions" for. I am sure he will resurrect his leftist lunacy shortly after he secures another term in office.

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Wow--you must still have a bitter taste in your mouth after the 1980 election. When Obama loses in a landslide in November, I hope you'll get into the 21st century and at least blame Bush--get with the times!

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At least Wisconsin has cheaper prices on beer and great cheese.

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I hope he doesn't move to Wisconsin. Stay in Boulder with the rest of the insane liberals.

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My question: What medications is he on? He must have sold his prescriptions or run out for the month. I'm sure the Boulder Police will apologize to him sometime soon--remember when the city council apologized for throwing him out when he stripped down to his underwear? Oh, Boulder... liberalism at its finest.

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I love seeing the Nielsen ratings and how almost every NBC show is last in the ratings on a nightly basis, especially "30 Rock." NBC has really gone far left on everything, especially its "comedies." SNL (which stopped being funny years and years ago) constantly makes fun of the Republican nominees, but when they do a "parody" of Obama, they make him out to be a "good guy" who no one will listen to, trying to build up more sympathy for him.

It doesn't surprise me that no one watches Colbert, either. His Bill O'Reilly imitation has grown so very old, tired, dated, etc. He's a one-trick pony with no substance beneath his impression. His audience targets people that are unapologetically leftist (without the intelligence to know what reality is), so at least his influence is limited in that regard.

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It's easy to poke fun at everyone, but when you actually have to confront real life problems, these "comedians" show just how useless they are to society. Don't get me wrong, I love comedians--when they don't have a political agenda.

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I feel really sorry for the bloggers here at BigJournalism...having to watch MSNBC and read Politico must be maddening work!!

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I don't understand why so many secular Jews are so anti-Israel?