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I see Lord Hannan is now describing DEFRA and the NFU as protectionist . To Free-trade fanatics protecting jobs and the environment is somehow evil and the deregulation in the NZ- Aus trade deal will lead us to Nivana
The deregulation in agriculture in NZ has lead to most of it"s rivers and lakes being classed as unswimmable due run-off from farmland and lakes of faeces
It should be noted that despite being appointed as a trade-advisor by HMG , Lord Hannan has no experience or qualifications and in 20 years as an MEP never bothered to join the trade committee to try and gain some . But he confidently dismisses any trade expert , DEFRA or the NFU who questions him as a Europhile

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The fanatically anti-EU Brexiteers assume that people who wanted to stay in the EU are just as fanatically pro.

I love the EU like I love my local council .
My local council does a lot of good stuff which I don't notice , stuff which I'm against , makes mistakes but as long as they do the bins on time no-one notices. A lot of the council is run by un-elected officers ,

Now we've left and we're going to do the bins ourselves. get our own landfill, sort out the roads to the landfill etc etc

Why the Brexiteers won ? Because they're fanatics, they niggled away for decades, used a toxic anti-immigrant campaign and cared more than anyone else. A lot of the country believed that getting our own bent banana regulations would make us more sovereign

Brexiteers won. The referendum was over 4 years ago, we've left and Redwood being an anti-EU fanatic has nothing constructive to focus on

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This was a huge opportunity for Johnson to make a decision ,
He could have closed the border to prevent exports of the vaccine and take the blame off Astrazenica.
Or he could have allowed the export of some of the UKs vaccine to save old and vulnerable Europeans.

That would have been a massive signal of cooperation. When Britain airlifting food to the Netherlands at the end of WW2 we hardly had enough ourselves and the Tories love going on about WW2

The pandemic is far from over and we rely on the EU for vital supplies . If there's a shortage. We'll be bottom of the list and it will be the old and vulnerable here who suffer

As usual Johnson can't make a decision either way

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I see the attack on Student Unions originates from a report written by the Adam Smith Institute another dubious Right-wing Think-tank ( lobbying group) who won't reveal where it's funding come from.
Where as ministers have to report meetings with businesses they don't have to report meeting think-tanks . Which is really the Think-tanks business model. You pay us , we've got contacts.
If you look at where No 10 staff originate and where out-of-work MPs end up. The IEA, ASI, TPA etc etc

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Just another anti-BBC diatribe which misrepresents what was said IMO

Burleigh was asked about the future of populism around the World ( not the future of Trumpism) and are we seeing a turning point. He compared Conservative Home and others as UK equivalents of the Tea Party.
Daniel Hannan, a regular contributor on this website, actually launched a UK Tea Party

Burleigh didn't lump populists or Conservative Home in with a bunch of nutters .He really said the opposite,
The AFD in Germany and other populists who had campaigned against lockdown found they were being linked with the 5G nutters and were losing popularity

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One of the major factors that is taken into account is it's easy to start an officially registered company, there are few regulations and hardly any enforcement. Why is London home to so many Russian oligarchs and former dictators families because it is also a great place to launder your money

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There is so much wrong with this article but basically it's typical Dan. You can go through and find how he's manipulated the truth and facts.

But the worse thing is how miserable the future has become , how far from the one he promised and how unaccountable he is for anything

We're not skint we're a country not a household , learn some basic economics

January 1 saw a smooth flow of traffic at the Channel ports. Saw hardly any traffic at channel ports

It is hard enough in normal times to make the case for smaller government.- He's just been appointed to the HoL and a job as trade advisor to Gov quango

They can stop putting barriers between businesses and their customers.- What do you think you've done between the UK and our biggest trade partner the EU

The biggest trade deal with the EU- It's a rubbish deal but TBF the only one available with all the red lines

etc etc

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I don't understand why a lot of the quota we have already has been sold by the UK fishing industry to foreign vessels.

I don't understand why the UK Government announced Marine Protected Areas around the UK but you can log on to online ship tracking sites and watch UK and foreign trawlers trawl up and down fishing in them.

I don't understand why the majority of super trawlers fishing in UK waters are Russian owned

Maybe one good thing about Brexit is MPs like Richard Holden will not be able to simply blame the EU for problems in the UK fishing industry. He does that here and covers the whole issue in maybe 2 paragraphs Maybe they'll have to take some responsibility themselves.

But I imagine the whole issue of fishing and the plight of coastal communities will fade away back to the irrelevance of the last 48 years

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Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts; He accepted chemical castration treatment as an alternative to prison and died 16 days before his 42nd birthday, from cyanide poisoning.

Seems apt that the Tory Government put a spin on what the Government did to Turing as they put a spin on the £2875/student scheme which will be a hand-out to those who could afford it anyway

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All my other non-Ukip MEPs had local offices campaigned on local issues , Even Farage had an office near Bognor. Dan kept the £4K/month office expenses though.

But I've seen him perform and he's a great performer ,