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does anyone know what happened to intern Riley Waggaman?

am I the only one who felt like he went a little... unhinged at some point?

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this is most romantic thing I've read ever read today.

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oh NVM it's here:

to be fair North's candidate lost to... the less-sane version of Alan Keyes.

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semi related: did y'all know that Oliver North endorses various GOP candidates and people listen/care. maybe? why would you want the endorsement of Oliver North?

SOURCE: it was mentioned in an article about the VA GOP convention in the Post but I can't find it.

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He visited my class yesterday! His plan for rejuventing Baltimore is to knock down a blighted neighborhood (some part of Harford Ave., I think), rebuild new houses and have an organic, urban farm in the yards of all these houses. Then, people won't have buy food anymore and they can sell the rest to Whole Foods. The private sector will fund this program! I kid you not.

I think poverty is ignored too much but somehow I don't think this is the solution.

Actually, I'm going to see if he has this plan anywhere online.. this might be Wonkette-worthy.

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did y'all hear the the other featured Real American who is uninsured but hates Obamacare because freedom?

I think he said that if he has to go to a nursing home, his kids would take care of him. if i was one of his kids, i would have him buy insurance from an exchange asap. that shit's expensive even when you have insurance.

anyways, it made me almost as ragey as the dairy farmer.

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You know, I really love all this sequestration stuff because it reminds us who the real oppressed victims are in this society: Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gruman.

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"How much could a banana cost? Ten dollars?"

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wait, you mean that isn't a mug shot?

I honestly thought that it was until I read this comment.

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I feel like there was another one but I legitimately can't remember. oh wow.

EDIT: pretty sure it was Department of Commerce.