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5 way...5 minutes would be too long!

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Ha rats off a sinking ship...Bailing Barney and now Nutty Nancy!....the writing is on the wall and the dum Dems have seen the light, that Obummer has shown us what Marxism is and that the Democrat party these days is not the same as my Fathers when John Kenneddy said that taxes are too high and the only way to increase revenue to the treasury was to cut the rates!...sounds like Reagan doesn't it Nancy?...the deifference back then was that Democrats loved their country and capitalism...time to clean house!!!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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My guess is that the main stream media is losing interest because they are realizing that their beloved Obama has made a big mistake letting the public that doesn't get to see the truth suddenly see that the conservatives are right and that the Messiah is they pull the plug to protect Hussein!

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surprise surprise!!! full speed ahead on the hoax of the century!...all you libs just drink your kool aid...I'm waitin for 2010 and 2012....

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that's what the Bama would do if this wasn't America!...he has to move slow but make no mistake...he is the same as these dictators....if he turned us into them he'd have a grand coup!...but it won't happen...he should be be before a military tribunal himself...go America...Sarah Palin...the voice of us!

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I still don't want to live there....but, maybe the dems can? suv's....the enviro loons can go to...

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sure, Islam isn't to political correctness going to destroy us or will we wake up someday and realize that muslims (not all) are the terrorists?...Harry Truman wouldn't have a problem identifying this fact would he? Stop searching Granny at the airport and start some good old racial profiling...there I said it!...

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my son and his best friend are about to head over there and of course I fear for their safety but in addition I have mixed feelings about them serving under this total failure as a commander in Chief...I know Bush and Cheney would commit the extra troops to ensure victory but this clown?...I don't think he really wants to win this...and that's scary!....God save our boys and girls over there!!!

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preserve journalism??? case you haven't noticed...journalism died during the Obama campaign...started before but truly died after election...if you guys and gals were journalists you'd find so much juicy stuff about "Dear Leader" that it would make Watergate look like a sunday school picnic (which it was after all)....but journalism in the state controlled media?...come on...journalists used to find the truth and now all you do is try to make us swallow the lie and advance the cause of the "One"....the administration is attacking Fox News....if I were you I'd be looking there for real "journalism"....enough said...the truth shall set you free!....