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I am so sorry about everything bad that's happened to you lately and I hope that things start to get easier for you very, very soon. I'm sure the tour and cons will help with that because cons are amazing places of positivity <3
About the videos, I fully understand being frustrated with YT but I can't afford to pay $5 every week for the foreseeable future and I love reading along with the videos. I love voicing my frustration with you and giggling when I what's going to happen before you do. I would still read reviews but the experience would be less fun without the videos. Are there no other video platforms you could use? Like vimeo or dailymotion etc? I'm also of the same mind of those who have said that downloading that many videos is a serious strain on HD space but also bandwidth. I hope things work out for you <span class="idc-smiley"><span style="background-position: -48px -12px;"><span>&lt;3</span></span></span> xoxo

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oh man Mark's face reading the last part of this chapter "la la la ... wait what? who are these people? WHAT??!!!" Priceless <3
also nuns dear lord soooo many nuns

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so excited!!!!! so many nuns!!!!!
have to admit I've read these books so many times that I've gotten really numb to all the gore but I just finished reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and so many of the descriptions of gore in that book made me feel ill. Not sure if that's a good thing because it's maybe more realistic or a bad thing because it made me feel gross reading it. Never felt as gross reading the Jamar Rokat murder scene although while typing this I'm remembering it and maybe I'm wrong .... stopping this stream of consciousness now lol <3

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I'm sooooo excited for Mark to read this book!!!!! Magic Steps was my first ever Queen Tammy book, picked it up cuz I liked the cover which I still say is a perfectly valid reason to pick up a book, and it changed my life. Totally ignored Pasco's crush lol probably because the idea of Sandry or any of the Circle weirds me out I still see them as 10 year olds in my head. I always assumed Pasco did the dance purely because he loved to dance. I sing constantly and need no other enticement than the opportunity to sing and maybe learn a new song. (BTW SINGING MAGIC WOULD MAKE MY LIFE!!! Queen Tammy please T.T) <3 <3 <3

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LMAO!!!! I pre-read this cuz I'm impatient and now I regret it because I hadn't thought of Crowley as Astfgl and I really wish I had <3 agreed with all the comments about racism, sexism etc it super bugged me too

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excuse me while I go sob forever T.T this last chapter is why Circle of Magic is my fav Tamora Pierce series <3 it's so gritty and real and having read it for the first time at a very young age I think it's shaped me as a person and I'm so thankful for the experience. Sorry for all the emotional heart ripping Mark but you have to admit it's sooooo worth it <3

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k two things.
1) There's an illustrated version of this book that if I lived in an English speaking country I would visit every library possible to find however I live in Korea T.T
2) you named one of your dragons Kitten ... I'm assuming in reference to Daine's Kitten and if not don't tell me cuz that made me irrationally happy and I want it to stay canon in my head. <3

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Mark reading this ruined me T.T also how freaking cool is the human essence!!! Terrifying ofc because people died creating but man that is sooo cool!!!! I wish we had magic so we could do tests on human essence and not animals

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I pre-read the books now cuz i'm impatient (also I've been reading Tamora Pierce forever so waiting for things I know are going to happen is torture) however I also watch Mark read the Tamora Pierce books and follow along and watching Mark read this chapter I was silent crying. Tears just streaming down my face watching the realization on his face and how horrible everything was. All the tears T.T

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I adore everything about the scenes in the greenhouse. The mixture of real life practices and magic practices to find a cure is fascinating and everything about Briar/Tris makes me super happy <3 Bris for life (Triar?? Have we decided on a ship name??)