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I am very late to this thread, but if you're looking for tips on audio media more generally This American Life has a 'how to make a radio story' pamphlet that seems like it might be a good resource.
Good luck :)

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I don't follow the MCU recently, but I do get weird seasonal depression spirals that seem related to *bad things* that happened at certain times of the year. In a way it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one.
Hugs if you want them, and I wish you much joy with the new Captain America!

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Does anyone have experience with Teach-Now or other online teacher training programs?
I'm living outside the U.S. right now, but I'm interested in eventually teaching high school Biology in the U.S. The problem is I don't yet know what state I'm going to land in, so it seems like the best thing is to get a teaching certificate that could be transferable.
I'd love to hear about your experiences with the program (it seems weirdly hard to find reviews/information that isn't directly from the company), or with starting to work as a teacher after being trained through this type of program... I'm especially interested in how prepared I will be to work with students who are less engaged in school if I do my teacher training this way. Would love any thoughts you have. Also, if you're a real-life biology teacher I'd love to talk to you!

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Can I bring alpacas?

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Just wanted to second champagnewastoblame's encouragement to not clean anything that isn't absolutely crucial.
I hope the doctor can do something for you - long term fevers are no fun!
sending hugs if you want them!!!

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I'm so sorry. This all sounds incredibly frustrating.

I guess my impulse when I hear things like;
"I'm almost starting to dare to dream big. What if I could be a good scientist? That's the kind of thinking my brain is good at. And it would be so, so fun to master this."
is usually to say "YESSSSSS!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Which, I realize, is not really what you are looking for here.

re: your concerns that working in research would be focusing on 'fun' over 'helping people': there are definitely fields of research so esoteric that their findings will probably never have clinical/ 'real world' applications, and investing in that kind of research can seem pretty indulgent to me sometimes too. But biomedical research is also how ideas for new treatments originate, and how we learn about the 'how' and 'why' of people developing health problems. It can take years, and most new ideas end up not working, but those people are really trying! (And they couldn't do what they do without the basic research that at first seemed completely useless. We all stand on the shoulders of giants.)

Research can be fun, but also incredibly frustrating, and the job market is not for the faint of heart... If it's something you're really interested in, trying to have a frank conversation with a professor you've gotten to know, or someone in the field about your disability and whether a career in research could work for you might help you to sort out some of your thoughts. (Ditto for the clinical side of your field, actually.) It seems like there should be some flexibility in both fields.

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Have you thought about trying to work as a lab assistant in a lab at your school? It could be just for a few hours a week. Even disciplines that you don't normally think of as having proper labs (like psychology) typically are structured that way at research universities, and they are usually looking for students to do basic tasks around the lab. As a lab assistant you would get to know some of the grad students in the group, attend lab meetings, and get a good up-close look at what a research-based career might be like. You might even get offered an opportunity to do a research project. Being part of a lab might also help you to feel like you have a home at school. And don't be intimidated about seeking these positions out - professors and grad students consider it part of their job to mentor keen students like you - a lot of them even think it's fun! And your enthusiasm for the subject will show!

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bourbon + ginger beer + bitters is delish!

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haha okay, that's good... also I was thinking you might want to try adding a little hydrocortisone cream in with your lotion if you do the sleeping with gloves on thing. It might help with any inflammation or itching you're having :)