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A trick I read about was using the Duke and Lady in the same list. Deploy the Duke with a squad full of splinter weapons, then use Lady Malys to redeploy him to something like Wyches. The way it reads it seems legal, as he was most certainly deployed with the first group. They'd still benefit from his splinter upgrade, too.

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FWIW (and I'm NOT agreeing with Goatboy) you can claim two objectives with a three man squad (assuming you're precise with your measurements).

3" claim + 1" bases + 2" coherency + 1" + 2"+ 1" + 3" claim = ~13"

There's really no need to stretch out the full 12", as long as you're within 3" you're fine.

However, the only time two objectives would be of any use would be when your opponent is out of reach of that squad with assaults/weapons tied up, and then if they only have one tankshocking vehicle (as one vehicle, depending on the placement, will not get them off of both objectives), or of course when playing an 'Ard Boyz scenarios where you need to capture multiples.

Does this matter? Is this a strength? No. It's something that can happen (although unlikely) but there's no way to rely on it (at all) so it shouldn't even be mentioned. It's like talking about the worth of a weaponless razorback in terms of being able to blow up tanks by ramming.

I'm not trying to defend his articles though. I'm honestly offended as a DE player. A foot list with no Cronos? You take away their vehicle-layer durability (as much as the paper planes can give) without utilizing their inbuilt durability? And he's been obsessed with the large unit of Beastmasters since the beginning, it's ridiculous.

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Oh, and this:

" Remember also that if you can pin the enemy in cover with Barbed Stranglers then you strike at initiative anyways"

I'm pretty sure I said that. :-)

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I'm actually a DE player, so I know what you mean. When the poisoned weapons were talked about, and knowing that I'd still have AP2 lances, I thought: It's a good thing my brother changed armies. :-)

I guess I gave up on thinking about how they'd fair against DE, but if it's possible to make a Tyranid list that gives my DE problems, then I'd say that's a wonderful start. About the only unit that doesn't get worse against DE would be termagaunts.

That's part of the reason I like Warriors, too. Sure, Darklight hurts, but there's not as much as there used to be AND those are better used taking out Tyrannofexes, since I'm usually not wasting poison shots on them, and LW/BS absolutely demolishes anything in the codex.

The good news is you'll probably have a few months where you'll run into more and more DE and get plenty of practice.

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Here's what he means:

Blasters have an 18" range. If the vehicle moves 6", that gives you 24" to threaten.
If you move 12" and disembark ~1.99999", plus the 1" base, plus the range of the weapon, you can threaten ~32.99999".

Dezzo, you're wrong though, fast, open topped, and skimmer rules do not benefit passenger shooting when moving at cruising speed.

Also, Kirby, about Retrofire Jets:

"However, units are unable to disembark during this deep-strike move which forces you to be more aggressive on the drop or risk being out of range with weapons like Blasters."

Deepstriking vehicles count as moving at cruising speed. This means that no matter how risky you are and how close you drop, you won't be able to fire those Blasters. One weird use I think might work is in a WWP list, where the Trueborn walk out of the WWP and their Venoms drop from the sky. Thoughts?

And personally every time I take a Shock Prow I also take the TGL. It's only 5 points more and I'm going to be close anyway. Taking a SM squad to LD 8 for a run check is great. Either they fall back (and possibly stay in 6" to my vehicle because of the length of it) or they get hit by a Hamey's Liquifier onboard if I went slow enough.

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Woohoo! First e-mail!

Good idea with the Shrikes. Like I said, I was working from my brother's collection, so I didn't even think of them. The loss of the Carnies hurts personally, but at least I was right about the Barbed Stranglers! One good idea in ten - sounds like I'm improving!

How would you feel about Deathleaper? Personally I think any list with a large and solid SitW web should consider him to help shutdown a psyker that much more, and since the only fast units are the 3 strong Shrikes, the automatic contested objective would be nice. Is the addition of the Tyrannofexes enough to offset a loss of a HG unit? Or would Ymargls as Karvala suggested be a better exchange (if you do one at all)?

Thanks again for the post!

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This may be the most entertaining list I've seen online in a long time... I like it a lot.

It's amazing what a couple updated sentences can do.

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It's funny, the line at the end (that mentions it counting as a weapon) has absolutely no relevance now.

"So I can't turboboost and use it?"
"You can, the FAQ says so."
"Oh... so if I'm stunned, I can't use it."
"You can, it doesn't count towards how many weapons you can fire."

Wouldn't it have been easier to just errata it?

(I know, I know. Gift horse, and all that junk.)

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Oh, and the Night Shields errata... What does this mean exactly? Are Night Shields back to "normal"? Or is a Meltagun within 3" of a Raider going to get a bonus die?

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The Implosion Missile is sort of interesting. Not that anyone was going to use them, but I am surprised they allow wound allocation. It doesn't realy cause wounds, just ID.

Two things I would've liked clarified were whether Reavers could draw a curved line, and if a 2+ poison weapon and 4+ poison weapon gave a bonus attack (Acothysts with Venom Blades). Not that I really think there SHOULD be confusion on those two, but people will have arguments about them.

Also, if I kill a Tau commander before his Retinue, I don't get a pain token, but if I kill him after, I get two? (one for the squad, one for him) While that one doesn't matter too much, it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Maybe after so many horribly worded FAQs, I just feel like reading things as badly as possible. I'm being overly critical. And I don't think the Duke needs to be clarified. Think of the drugs as twin-linked... would you demand a third roll when your first two come up as 1?