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I am glad this is finially settled but nothing can bring back that little baby, imagine not only what that mother went through all these years being accused but the guilt she felt for leaving the baby alone, who would have thought this could happen and it could have happened to anyone. May God Bless her and her ex-husband who I am sure also felt guilty about leaving the baby in a place he thought was safe.

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My husband played college football on a scholarship many years ago, when they would just give them a shot for pain and out in the field they would go again. He is now crippled and walks with arm crutches, no cartilage in knees, metal hips now and has to use a scooter to get around. If I had small children I would not let them play football after what I have seen him go through. It isn't worth it. My son (previous marriage) not athletic thank goodness.

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Maybe God was giving them a general hint that they needed to change their lifestyes now while they are young and before they got into even deeper trouble. I hope someone gives each of them a Bible of their own with their names stamped on them. Hope the lady was unhurt. Must have really been scary for her. God bless

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I had three girls one boy. He is now in his forties. Married had a daughter. He is all male. He was the only one of my kids that liked to embroider. Drug it out to show his friends. My girls not interested. They are all married one even has seven children. They had no "ideniity crisis". Kids play. Girls some times like boy things and vice versa, believe the adults are the ones who try to make something big of what is normal behavior. My son had many girlfriends, three serious relationships with women. I guess I have to will my unfinished pillow cases to him not my girls (which are all feminine). I once knew a grown man in his thirties that loved to do latch hook items, all male. He just was good at it._We have gays in our family but not in the immediate one and they didn't act any more female than their brothers. Came out later in their late thirties and fourtes. People should stop reading things into kids behavior, girls climb trees and boys sometimes would rather read than play football, let them alone.

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I can understand going to the landlord for the lock but for Petes sake, why didn't she or the family just go ahead and get a lock for the safety of the children. The first time would be the last time. The sister says she is a good mother, maybe loves her kids but has bananas for brains, someone should check the sisters kids are they in danger too?
I am sure those parents who had children fall from windows but luckily made it o.k went right out and made sure it wouldn't happen again. It scares me to think this little one could have been hit by a car and the person who did it would have to live with that knowlege all their lives and blame themselves when it would have taken a short drive to the hardware store to fix this.

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This is silly, Native Americans should be proud that schools think of them as heros and brave. Whats next ban the tree for growing straight and proud or the cow for giving milk?
This insanity has to stop or we will run out of things to honor and respect to have as mascots and things or people to look up to and want to emulate.

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Thanks for the information mama -law he sounds like a first class con artist. If I were him I would move and forget this royalty stuff. Most of us are in some way in the distant past related to royalty and we don't have to scam little old ladies.

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This has been a landmark since I was a child. I am 70 years old. violent crime everywhere but you shut down a family establishment that has brought joy to thousands? Shame! I will remember next time I hear anyone voting in your area of which I have many friends.

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The pastor did an excellent job and I am very open minded about churches so don't think I am saying anything about the service. It was perfect. But the reason it was moved to this church was because they expected too many people to attend and fit into the local LDS church. Why wasn't this noted in this article. Had I read it without knowlege I would have think they attended this church. Maybe the boys did and the grandparents were LDS but it could have been noted. Thank you. Just a thought.

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Norma I hope they contact you. I think you are just the person they need to talk to. This is from one genealogy nut to another. Have a wonderful evening.