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Yea I'd consider an antenna if I wasn't obsessed with CNN in HD, I probably watch that channel more than anything. Wolf Blitzer FTW! Not ready to cut the umbilical chord entirely yet. Maybe if get's some really good streaming programming someday I'd feel more comfortable doing that.

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I recently twittered about Comcast increasing my bill by the "standard" $5/yr service fee, when I called to uncover the mystery fee, I decided to par down my TV all the way back to basic. Comcast offers an Economy package which offers Comedy central / USA / TBS etc as well as the standard channels.

I don't get NESN and ESPN anymore which kind of stinks, but I deal.

To fill in the gaps I use Boxee, Hulu and Fancast.

I've got a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV so everything is integrated and working pretty great. I'd say go with a MacMini Boxee instead of an Apple TV. The Mini also works great w/ Front Row.

In response to Marshal, I got an EyeTV previously but my Comcast set top box would not play nice with it so I returned it.