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hi I am writing a story. Enghish is not my language.

The first commercial
A woman voice said: “Welcome to the ballbusting ladie gym. Here you are going to learn how to smash balls” We could see differents women doing some exercises. Now we saw a tall athletic woman and she said: “Hello ladies, I am Marija an ex triple jumper. We are going to use the tatic to make a triple jump to bust balls.”

Now we saw Marisa running so fast towards a man, who is on the floor, and his hands and legs are being held by chains. There we saw differents women and girls paying so much attetion what her teacher is doing. After that, we saw Marisa making two hard jump on the floor. And after doing the final jump, the forth, she fell on each man balls. She was wearing the shoes that is being used to make a triple jump. It has spikes on its base.

Marija stand up leaving the male on the floor.

Another scence on a bar.
We can see differents group of women. Some women decided to join together to see the first ballbusting event.
After seeing the first commercial some women decided to call the gym just to start a class. Others women using her mobile phone decided to enroll to the ballbusting event. One brown-hair women said when she was enrolling to the event: “Oh shit, the page is running very slowle” Her friends added: “Perhaps the page is so crowded”.
Another woman, who was also enrolling to the show said: “The event is great, is free and you do not have to pay. If you lose they pay you 1.000 dólar for your participation and if you win you receive 5.000 and you can continue participating” Some of her females friends added: “Also you can keep the clothes. The boots or the shoes and the differents devices that you have used to ruin his manhood”

In the bar we saw that an unlucky man decided to enter just to have a cup of cofee. When the man enter the bar he saw that it was very crowded and all were women. He saw that some of them were laughing histecarlye and others were celebrating. He could not make his mind, he did not know what was happening there.

When the man was going towards the woman bartender a group of more than 5 businesswomen followed him. The man said to the bartender woman: “Hi, I want something to eat fast how about...” When the man asked how about, one of the businesswomen who has brown hair and tight black trouser wink an eye to the bartender.

The bartender saw her face and she said to the man: “How about scrambled eggs” and she crashed the bottle of champagne between the man balls. At the same time two businesswomen held his hands. Onother workmate put in four to the back of the male and another workmate bit her teeths, closed her eyes and with all her force crushed the balls with the pointy of her business women shoes. The man stumbled with the women who was on four. The man crushed his back on to the floor pointing his legs up to the floor.

Another workmake took his legs. She bit her teeth and with all her force she trampled his balls with the base of her boots. Every time she stomped, the champagne bottle glasses got deeper into his balls causing more pain.

Some women that works for the ballbusting event were in the bar. The women organaziers have sent women reporters, camera women, journalist to the street, to differents bars just to let the public know about their show. In orther to increase the audince and the female participants.

The cameras womens and the women photographers have taken photos and filmed the scence. One women reporter that has been sent to the bar started to call her boss. She said: “Hi Ivanna, we have great news. Here in the bar that we have been sent; a big group of women are destroying some kiwis”. Ivanna, the boss of the women how have been sent to differents position, asked “Romi, Do you mean testicles?” Romina answered her boss: “Yes, A big group of women are destroying a boy's testicles, poor boy” Ivanna asked with a indiferent voice: “Poor, come on.” Romina said with a big laught: “Yes, I was joking. Let crucnh those nuts girls!!!!” Ivanna interrupted and said: “Romi, tell the girls to take photos, filmed the scence, make inteviews. I am going to tell the female preseter boss that we have big news.”