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I had ONE amazing Vegas trip with my friend that I feel like I've been trying to attain ever since:
- We were there to see a Dita von Teese burlesque show
- It overlapped with a rockabilly festival so we got to go to a vintage car show
- We shot machine guns at a zombie target

For me, there's a handful of things I love about Vegas but so much more that's the antithesis of everything I find fun or amusing... so visiting there is always a gamble (har har) as far as what you're going to get out of it.

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Tom Hardy was obviously a pit bull.

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OMG the existence of that performance almost makes the Keel version worth it. I do like the Ann Miller "Too Darn Hot" even though it makes no damn sense in the context of the plot, and "From This Moment On" made me laugh because I couldn't remember what Bob Fosse looked like and was wondering which one he was, and then he came out and did the Fossiest Fosse to ever Fosse.

If you haven't seen it, Athena is an amazingly bizarre midcentury musical palate cleanser that also features seven sisters, but they are paired with ACTUAL BODYBUILDERS (like the finale is literally a bodybuilding competition). It's like the Toast version of 7B7B.

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BLEHHHH I recently watched Annie Get Your Gun for the first time and kept nervously checking the clock towards the end like... "They're not gonna.... they're not gonna end it here, right? She's... she's gonna tell him to fuck off and keep shooting, right?"

Same thing happened with Kiss Me Kate (I was expecting the 10 Things I Hate About You ending I guess), also BLEHHHHHHHH

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Hooray I just followed you!

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I think I just followed you on Twitter! I'll probably be tweeting my whereabouts all weekend, so should be pretty easy to stalk if our paths/schedules align!

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Do you have a Twitter and/or other easy way of contact/"hey where u at"-ing?

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YUUUPPP I traveled alone for the few weeks after my study-abroad ended. By the time I got to Berlin, I could not deal with one more goddamned youth hostel, so I canceled my reservation there and booked myself in a nice (for me) hotel with a FREE BREAKFAST. In the hostels I felt like I had to be out all day, so I'd really run myself ragged trying to find stuff to do. Being able to come back and watch German TV in a nice fluffy bed was sooooo nice after that :)

But I love traveling alone! I went to Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin on that trip, did everything I wanted to do and nothing I didn't :)

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I am biased but I'd say LA is great for all of that!

CHILL: many beautiful beaches, parks, shopping, coffee shops with aspiring screenwriters hard at work
SIGHTSEE: hand/footprints at Grauman's (goofy and overrun with tourists, but classic), your favorite Old Hollywood celeb's grave
PARTY: classic rockers at Sunset Strip, scene-y clubs in Hollywood, hipster bars in Silver Lake/Echo Park
EAT: taco trucks and great Mexican food as far as the eye can see, fresh seafood, great Korean/Thai, everything fusion

SF would also cover many of your points, though I don't know it well enough to give any recommendations! Vegas is good for the partying/eating half, but the last time I went it was disappointingly unchill—it can be done but I think it takes a little more work :)