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I have seen this saying and love it, but then I realize, not totally true. Moms do too :o)

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Wow one of the more unintelligent comments I have read. Surely these were wild west hillbilly kids, running around with their parents hunting rifles, listening to country music. (sarc) These are CRIMINALS, who care nothing about laws and would always be able to find guns on the black market. Do you really think these kids (very likely underage) lawfully obtained these guns? I can't believe I am even typing is such common sense. Hopefully you weren't serious and were just trying to get a reaction.

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I thought the same thing. The victims ages show us that there were underage people there and I think it is safe to assume they weren't sitting around sipping tea. You would think the cops could have busted this party early on before things escalated.

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What a wonderful, gracious family. I pray your faith continues to comfort you during this sad time. Nick is a hero.

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here's your sign.

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I am sorry,but I have personally had experience with pot when I was younger and have known others that have extensive, long term experience and it is habit forming for sure. My friend recently quit a daily habit and for the first week, the withdrawals were hell. But cigarettes would have been the same way. Also, as a teen, since my gorup of friends and I were ok with smoking pot, it most certainly made us open to trying speed and cocaine. So I would say it can lead to being more comfortable trying other drugs, especially when combined with peer pressure. What we do agree on is that I do believe it should be treated more like booze and cigarettes and should be legal.

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The sign in the photo is a huge red flag. How often can you pay less and get more? I don't know anything about this issue, ,but that sign makes me not trust the Yes side.

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"arrested" seems a little dramatic....not like they were put in a Sudanese jail...they were handcuffed and put in a US Secret Service Van!

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This breaks my heart. Clearly he knew he wouldn't get away with it, but in his mind, he did it out of love and was willing to risk the penalty.

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I am confused. If the guy was pumping gas, wouldn't he see the kid get out of his seat? Can a 3 year old get himself out of a car seat? Why did he b-line straight to under the drivers seat? Seems like the logical thing would be the kid would be asleep in the seat at that hour and even if he got out it just seems odd he would go straight for the gun.

This is just so tragic. It breaks my heart. I get the idea of holding parents accountable if it would help prevent this from happening again, but truly, they will already be punishing themselves the rest of their lives.