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First of all it doesn't say anywhere that he was drunk so assumptions at this point are out of line. I sure hope his family doesn't have to read any of the hate responses that have been posted here by some individuals. It sure is funny how people with no knowledge of an incident can make a judgement on someone else. I do know for a fact that the responders last night knew this individual personally and Im sure they are having a hard time dealing with it today.

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Good game....not sure if I'll be around another 95 years before the Ducks win another rose bowl.

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Ken get a life and not a low life. It's time you get up at 2 and 3 in the morning and have to go and assist the police because they moved into a vacant building and are spitting on people. Better yet you sit there and criticize everyone the police and use of thier tactics wonder if you would feel the same if you had a bottle of piss hurled at you. I haven't seen any victory for these people unless you are talking about the millions of dollars in taxpayer money paid for by the so called 99% to police and clean up after.

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Empower the bully so he can go somewhere elese and push people around. Instead of dismissing the charges it should be jail time for these thugs. So sick and tired of people breaking the law and getting away with it...

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I wonder why it failed with the biggest tax and spend guys on the committee. The committee isn't really the fault here anyway, they are just the fall guy for the man in the white house. B.O. continues to fail and really dosent want to put his name on anything. He is more worried and concerned about his campaign for reelection and to hell with the rest of us who are trying to make ends meet.

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What a bunch of bone heads.....I really hope the ones who actually pay taxes in your city toss you bums out in the next election...

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Gee if my memory serves me correctly, the piolt is incharge and responsible for the aircradt.. It's been a few years since I was in the Guard but had the honor of being involved of two separate CG investigations. The out come was always the same with either the Xo or Ops officer and helsman taking the hit eventhough the Capt was in charge. Im glad to see it's business as usual. The UCMJ is a document that should be ripped and burned, it provides the military to side set justice as it seems fit. Maybe when KOMO actually has the facts then maybe we'll know whats happening besides the continual media gossip

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There will be no suspects to issue warrants to since niether one will be in this country after this weekend. Better start checking all flight to countries without extridiction treaties.. Im sure there is some scumbag attornory working things out for them now>>>>

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All cyclist ride the bus and save lives and pay for this bus service that has been crammed down peoples throat while you are at it