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Three wars...Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, right? Though Libya is kind of a half-ass war. But if you add it to our half-ass war with Pakistan, then it really is three.

Then there's North Korea, of course. So that makes four.

But what about Yemen? Aren't we fighting there? Or is that part of war number three? One third Pakistan, one third Libya and one third Yemen?

Fortunately we can do most of these wars remotely and multitask. Just give our boys a joy stick and some Red Bull and they'll pull in high scores in no time...

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You know, I kind of thought one of the advantages of atheism was that you wouldn't have to deal with crazy people trying to push their belief system on you. But apparently atheism is the new religion.

Oh yawning void of internal darkness, save me from your followers and their stupid ads!

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As a Christian, I am totally NOT offended. And neither are my gay neighbors in the pew.

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"From your mouth to God's ears." That's the Georgia way of saying you're a big fat liar.

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Thanks for this nation of easily frightened nansy pansies, who will predictably react to any minor threat by mobilizing its military for an invasion or bombing campaign, and quickly give up basic rights to privacy, liberty and civil justice.