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Sorry to disappoint you lardo,
maybe this helps your kind...

I 'is' a small business owner.

and bfd! anyone can go to Hawaii,
you must be visiting the Obama family.

I'm sure as an impressive boss like you you will check your emails and won't give it a rest until a republican is in the white house. ahem 2016 at the earliest.

So get your head out of your okole, brah.

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well, Bush's administration got us this economy you complete imbicile, not the 'lberals' it's been years in the making. 2 million plus voted out the culprits.
This ain't about liberals, it's about guns of stupid F**ks getting in the hands of other stupid F**ks that go out and shoot people, when the whole time it's preventable with better education and decent control.
I like name calling it's a fun way to beat the filters on these comments.
I am a small business owner and creative professional.
Work for you? funny. I'd be afraid you'd spell my name wrong on my paycheck.

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'disapointed' is so smart!

a liberal with an NRA membership I am.
and I am not lying about either.
Does that make you nervous? to know that there are some gun owners that maybe want stricter guidelines for ownership?
Just because someone can buy a gun doesn't mean they should- like having a baby or driving a car.

But let's all clap our hands for 'disapointed'. You hit the nail right on the 'mark' as you say (btw it's head, nails have heads, you petard, or you could say you were 'spot on', or you 'hit the mark')

Maybe I should type slower so you can comprehend- better gun control ie. wait times background checks, make safer/better gun owners. and this idiot lawyer showing up to a rec center in a town he doesn't live in with a gun to prove a point just shows how backwards and terroristic some gun owners are.

do you comprende my point?

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Oh so, you're like Chase Bank or like the Repo Depot? Good for you. erkJay.
Way to kill my buzzzz.
Do you employ minorities?
Do you like Sarah Palin too?
Is our country going to be overrun by the French? or worse Mexico?
Cows don't fly and I don't lie. NRA tru dat.
We are slowly taking o v e r.

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Dear disapointed,

what's dushbag? do you mean douchebag? like the one your wife uses to clean herself after you two fornicate?

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Dear Disapointed,

I can tell you are from eastern WA because of your excellent spelling.
I grew up in western WA. In my high school a few kids had a suicide pact. guess what? 2 of them shot themselves with parents guns that were not locked up.
They are dead.
So you, bunghole, don't bring your uneducated twattylike face to my side of the mountains with out proper wording like. And don't even open your piehole unless you get more relevant facts.
It is the plain and simple truth, more gun control means less accidental gun deaths.
But I'm sure you won't get that info from the NRA. Which btw I am a member.

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Let's see Brandon,
My faculties are quite intact and so is my penis. Brandon do you know how many Children die each day from accidental gunshot wounds, Brandon?
9 children and teens die from gun violence every day. 191 people are shot, but survive their gun injuries every day. 48 children and teens are shot, but survive their gun injuries, EVERY DAY.
Do you know how many adults die each year from accidental gunshots- Only 642 but 15,000+ were shot and injured.
The number of child deaths is the crux for any parent. It's simple keep your guns at your home, Brandon.

I know your gonna say something like 'well if John Q. Public would've had a gun then the Columbine Massacre wouldn't have happened' chances are John Q Public could accidentally shoot a bystander.
Where were the gun owners in LA when those two dudes robbed those banks and were killing everything in site? They passed by several homes and I'm sure someone had a gun, it's LA.

Life ain't a movie, you ain't a protector, everyone does have a right to firearms, but not in public because accidents happen.


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yes, need more gun powder in my martini

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are you serious? taking a gun to a rec center? Piece of excrement, use your hands to defend yourself you big chicken. Fight laws in the courtroom 'lawyer' and if you think you are going to get shot at a rec center don't go! please stay in your own crap Kent town. IDIOT, btw, the first amendment allows me to say this and only the Republican controlled KOMO will void it. OOOOOOh I am SO cool because I carry a gun, my penis is sooooo small.